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Top 5 Instagram Minimalists You Should Follow

The ‘cleaner’ your photos are on Instagram, the more appealing they will look. Minimalism, it’s all about minimalism these days. It seems like the latest trend is about showing lesser items or having sparkling bright and white backgrounds in your photos.

Here are the top 5 minimalist instagrammers that you should follow, IF you ever jump on the minimalist bandwagon.

1. User @ranbeneli

About:  There’s something quirky about Ran- he uses emojis for every of his photo caption which is mostly represented with a black circle emoji. Be sure to check out his gallery which features images that look as though they were painted by him.


2. User @hidajoe

About: Joe is from Indonesia and his images can be found through the hastage #touchingpastels. He recently did his first collaboration with @silvanusprima, his fellow Indonesian Instagram user. Joe’s usage of pastel colours makes one feel happy and free!


3. User @traf

About: James loves playing around with the sky galaxy, where he edits them into his images occassionally. With reference to one of his captions: “There’s a universe in my cup…” Unsure of what he just mentioned? You will understand when you start following his Instagram!


4. User @darikugaga

About: Rangga only features black and white photos in his gallery; a sleek and monochrome view of his world. The images provide a fresh perspective of any object and is a source of great creativity! Rangga is from Bandung, Indonesia.

5. User @igramer

About: igramer’s gallery is different from the above mentioned Instagram users as he features everyday scenes instead. For example, the museum, pigeons, floor tiles, buildings, bicycles, flags and so on.


Writer: Kimberly Goh

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