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Top 5 Male Hairstylists in Singapore

Sometimes, finding the right hairstylist is even more important than finding a hair salon. While it is fairly common to see female hairstylists in Singapore, you’ll be glad to know that there are also many male hairstylists that are frequently sought after. Whether it’s for a quick cut or luxurious styling, these top 5 male hairstylists in Singapore will bring you the best hair services for your next big event.

1. Ark Lin - AIR Salon Singapore

Photo Credit: @arklin

Ark Lin, the creative director of AIR Salon Singapore is one of Singapore’s well sought-after celebrity hair stylists who does transformative hair cutting and styling. He’s also worked on many photoshoots for prestigious magazines such as August Men and Men’s Folio. To be blessed with his cuts, you’ll need to pay a price of $55, which is pretty affordable compared to many celebrity hairstylists out there.

Many people are drawn to him because he is very friendly and approachable. If you aren’t sure which hairstyle to get, you can always put your trust in his hands (and scissors) as he always knows the best and most practical hairstyle for you.

2. Addy Lee – Monsoon Hair House Novena Square

Photo Credit: Addy Lee

While Monsoon Hair House has several salons in Singapore, celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee only does haircuts at the branch of Novena Square. Compared to other stylists, Addy charges a whopping $489 for a haircut, and you’ll have to schedule an appointment in advance because he is so popular. The waiting time may take weeks, but it’s definitely worth the wait since you’ll be getting styled by the same person who graces the locks of famous people such as Joanne Peh, Michelle Chia, and Pornsak. Addy Lee is now The Boss Of Southeast Asia’s 1st & Largest Live Streaming Hub; Sales Hit 7 Figures Monthly

3. Jimmy Jap – KENARIS Hair Salon

Photo Credit: KENARIS Salon

Another one of Singapore’s most famous stylists is Jimmy Jap, who has experience styling numerous models for Cosmopolitan, Her World, and many other established magazines. He is best known for his haircuts, hair colouring, styling, and charming personality. His prices are also higher than others, so it’s best to save a trip to KENARIS for a very special occasion.

4. Beck Katira – Mode Studio

Photo Credit: @beck.bk

Want to be styled by K-Pop Star Jay Park’s hair stylist? Make a trip down to Mode Studio for an appointment with Beck Katira, a renowned hairstylist who has also styled other K-stars such as Zion. T and Crush. More commonly known as BK, he also has 10 years of experience working at one of Seoul’s premiere boutique salons, and was part of the Seoul Fashion Week hair team. Getting a haircut at Mode Studio is another superb experience, as the salon is decked with luxurious interiors and full-length glass mirrors. The salon even serves wine and champagne to their customers. Now that’s called getting the celebrity treatment!

5. Kim Robinson – Kim Robinson Singapore

Photo Credit: Advance

We decided to save the best (and most expensive) for last on this list with Kim Robinson, an Australian-born celebrity hairstylist who owns his own salon at Ngee Ann City. Unless you’re a “crazy rich Asian”, you may want to visit this Hong Kong-based stylist only when you’ve struck the lottery because an appointment with him costs $2,738! It makes sense since he has to fly all the way to Singapore for your hair needs, so make sure that you’ve got a really good reason to have your hair cut! Some of his other clients include Rita Ora and even the late Princess Diana.

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