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Top 5 Social Media news of 2014

What a year 2014 has been – we see how social media is becoming more powerful than ever. Our lives are practically revolving around the same few social media applications, and viral news are generated more extensively from the world wide web. What are the Top 5 social media news of 2014? We take a step back and review the year’s more riveting happenings on the internet.

5) Insta-Purge


Instagram announced the clearing of fake accounts and spam bots for some time now, and this time, the massive clearance has led to several bloggers loosing some thousands of followers. The rapture has revealed some of the nasty side of the digital business, and also educated social media advertisers of the inherent risks and rewards in the age where social media triumphs.

4) Anti-Gambling World Cup Ad


The anti-gambling advertisement by National Council on Problem Gambling of Singapore made news on the international platform, having parodied by Jimmy Fallon. The advertisement became a timely prediction of the World Cup champion, at the same time, a laughing stock by many. The advertisement took a sinister direction after Germany won the World Cup, with many claiming it to be an effective and realistic advertisement.

3) SMRT Feedback VS Jover Chew

The SMRT Feedback satirical account took online vigilantism to a new high, documenting the take-down against Jover Chew, owner of Mobile Air shop at Sim Lim Square. Indecent photos were leaked online, and pizza and McDonalds’ orders were sent to Chew’s address. While justice is definitely served for the injured, this incident also raised issues of privacy and digital ethics.

2) Roy Ngerng VS PM Lee

Blogging took a deathly turn when socio-political blogger, Roy Ngerng, was sued for defamation by Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. There were changes made in the political scene as a result of the post. Legal proceedings are ongoing, with Roy Ngerng having successfully raised funds for legal actions against PM Lee.

1) Xiaxue VS Gushcloud

Biggest war on social media in 2014 goes to Xiaxue’s controversial post against Gushcloud, and the ongoing feud between the bloggers under the respective management. Although the entire affair has become a snoozefest of personal attacks and mindless drama, the incident will go down the books as a local case of PR crisis management.

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng Photos: Linked

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