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[TRIVIA] 10 MRT fun facts to know

Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew recently announced that the second phase of Downtown line (12 stations in total) will be opening ahead of schedule by December 2015.

While many are elated because of the enhanced convenience, some are still skeptical about SMRT’s recent spate of misfortunes and breakdowns. However, it is no doubt that we are blessed with pretty good public transport network, and our rapid and fast development since the first MRT built and started operation in 1987.

We peek into 10 interesting and fun facts that you never knew about the MRT stations in Singapore.

1. Non-parallel train tracks

2. Deepest underground station

3. Highest elevated station

4. Most exits

5. Most fare gates

6. Oldest station

7. Missing stations

8. Fastest and most furious

9. Naming of station

10. Side platforms

If all these are not enough for you, here’s the speculative MRT network that has been circulating around for some time now.

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng Photos as linked

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