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Two Brands, Two Fates

I sit in between two buildings ; Heeren [Robinsons] and Apple Orchard and reflect upon the fate of the two companies. Both shops were filled with queues. Fanatics were calm, waiting for their turn to check in using their Singpass Mobile APP. And it seems there’s a sense of urgency in the people.

All anticipating to get hold of items that could satisfy their material needs, or wants. The only difference – One is to satisfy their ongoing technological fetishism.

The other, to ‘reminisce’ a brand before it is all gone.

‘Technological Fetishism’ – we are all waiting for our turn to upgrade our smart phones. Perhaps even the slightest 1 reason will trigger our buying decision.

‘Brand Reminiscence’ – Do we learn to cherish a brand only when it is at the verge of extinction? Or are we just taking advantage of the closing down sale?And perhaps the fate of these two companies lies on one key argument: Essential or Not?

Apple is definitely an ‘essential’ in current times. And kudos for making themselves an essential through many years of hard work and dedication to product quality and innovation.

Robinsons lost to the fast changing e-commerce developments, slowing economy, shifting demographics and high rental costs.

Two different brands, two different fates. One reason.

I hope Taka will keep blooming.

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