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What can these 5 fashion accessories buy you in Singapore?

Singapore’s cost of living is undoubtedly high. If one has to keep up with materialistic desires – branded bags, shoes, and accessories – it is going to burn a huge hole in the pocket. Picking from this idea that everything in Singapore is expensive, we take an interesting peek into the fashion industry – and how much these 7 coveted items can buy you in Singapore. (All prices and images are taken from eBay and Google)

1) Hermes Birkin in exotic crocodile ($234,696)

Hermes Birkin is the most coveted bag in the world, with long wait-lists and an unspoken rule to offer only the “elite” clientele. It is hard to get a bag in the store because of this, and the resale and black market rates are off the charts. Birkins and prices differ in terms of the materials, hardware and colour. One of the most exotic ones has to be the Himalayan Croc Birkin.

What it can buy you in Singapore: Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe, C250 Sport (A) ($238,000)

2) Cartier love bangle… in diamonds (S$82,143)

Cartier Love series is perhaps one of the most coveted accessories for newly-weds. I doubt anything will go wrong with a proposal with a red Cartier box. With a rich history, Cartier Love bangle doesn’t come cheap. The prices vary with the number of diamonds you add.

What it can buy you in Singapore: 4890 plates of Shiok Maki (S$16.80)

3) Richard Mille RM056 (S$2,216,579)

Richard Mille is known for limited edition luxury watches at exorbitant prices. The RM 056 is completely see-through and is the first watch case to be completely built from sapphire, with a limited edition 5 pieces of the Richard Mille RM 056 Felipe Massa Sapphire priced at US$1.7 million.

What it can buy you in Singapore: A 1,300 sqft condo at Thomson ($2.4 million)

4) Burberry alligator skin trench coat (S$161,147)

A thief walked out of the Burberry store in Hong Kong wearing this trench coat. Made of real alligator leather and features “epaulettes, a double gun flap and rain shield,” I don’t think you will be wearing this hefty-priced trench coat under the rain.

What it can buy you in Singapore: 3747 tins of Similac Gain IQ milk powder ($43)

5) Van Cleef & Arpels zip necklace ($344,331)

With pieces worn by style icons such as Empress Farah, the Duchess of Windsor, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Taylor, the zip necklace is one of the iconic pieces by Van Cleef & Arpels since 1950. The necklace is designed as a yellow gold zipper trimmed by openwork heart motifs set with circular-cut emeralds and diamonds, to the circular-cut diamond and yellow gold tag and tassel.

What it can buy you in Singapore: BMW 4 Series Convertible ($348,800)

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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