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What will be the Future of Singapore?

From a swampy, land-constrained island to becoming one of the busiest ports of the world and one of the highest standards of living, how are things going to change for Singapore after the passing Mr Lee Kuan Yew?



The demography of Singapore is changing. As more young adults are making up the numbers for the eligible voters, they are also more aware of their power in changing the political scape of the nation. After all, these young adults are the ones having to handle and deal most of the socioeconomic issues; they are least concerned with the kind of gratitude that the older generation are thankful for with the old governance. With the election due by 2017, a rumoured election by the year-end of 2015 is becoming more imminent, with the recent spate of parliamentary issues concerning Workers’ Party major monetary lapses and the CPF.

As PM Lee Hsien Loong calls this the “inflection point (of Singapore),” how will Singapore be in the future? With the prominence of current political embroilment, we look ahead with a little uncertainty.

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Chee Seng

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