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White Sails yacht sail-out to Lazarus Island, together with TIN Celeb Bloggers and delicious food ca

On 10th July 2014, The Influencer Network, together with 10 celebrity bloggers, digital artiste Renfred Ng and guest Star Karen, PR manager of Accor Group, sailed out with White Sails’s biggest 20-pax yacht “Clipper Heritage” to Lazarus Island, located in the southern seas of Singapore! We are honoured to have Oh’s Farm joining us and provide excellent food catering fit for kings and queens.


White Sails Yacht is a premier Singapore Yacht Rental company located at Sentosa Cove! You can rent out private yachts for a whole range of special events such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, proposals, company retreats, team building activities. When our team of 18 people arrived at the One 15 deg Marina Docks, we were impressed by the showroom condition and cleanliness of the yacht. You can have a look at their quality services here at



The interior cabin was simply impressive. It had a squeaky clean vintage feel, like a 5-star dining room and the polished wooden skin completed it. Just imagine how romantic it would be to bring your significant other and spend time together inside this beautiful cabin. On the contrary, it also gives an excellent environment for small group team-bonding activities.


White Sails offers up the rental of its private yacht and charter services to nearby islands for very competitive and reasonable prices, as compared to most of the other yacht services located at Sentosa. The good news here is that you don’t have to be super-rich or blow your budget just to experience the feel of sailing out on a yacht!

Our bloggers certainly had a lot of fun times taking glamorous shots at the helm of the yacht


And a Titanic pose as well


A short 15 minute trip took us to the beautiful Lazarus Islands, and we docked at the islet which was famous for having lots of wild cats roaming free on the island.


As the sun sets in the distance, the team started heading to the cabin and had an extremely delicious meal prepared by Oh’s Farm, which specializes in catering quality halal food for all types of events including wedding functions, birthday parties, company events. Oh’s farm specializes in wedding catering services. Check out their delicious, halal certified catering menu here at

We also got to customize the food menu to suit our bloggers’ tastes and specific desires (Sweet tooth!)


Classic buffet to suit everyone’s taste buds! Buffalo wings, marble cake, swiss rolls, Nuggets, Calamari Rings, and tartar sauce to go along with it. After an hour of introduction and dinner session, everyone was very satisfied with the caterer.


Did we mention that throwing a birthday party on a yacht would make it an unforgettable experience? Happy 24th birthday to our celebrity blogger Hong Peng!



Everybody loves chocolate cake don’t they?


Soon after, it was getting late and it was time to head back to Singapore! After saying good bye to all our lovely fur-kids, the cats, we wrapped up and sailed back towards the mainland.

Is that the Singapore Flyer in the distance?


To end off such an amazing night with the bloggers, digital artiste Renfred Ng, finalist of Campus Superstar, gave us a lovely rendition of “Kiss Goodbye”, performing atop the helm of the yacht


Jackie Loh Writer The Influencer Media

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