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Who Doesn’t Like Their Yu Sheng Crispy?

Here at Furama City Centre, Tiffany Café & Restaurant ushers in Chinese New Year with their Lunar New Year Festive Feast available on 9th February till 5 March 2015.

What’s different about the food at Tiffany Cafe? Malays may be pleased to know that the food is prepared in a Halal-certified kitchen.

The Yu Sheng is one of the dishes served at their buffet meals. It comes with fried salmon skin. So if you enjoy the crackers that comes with Yu Sheng, this will be another ingredient you will certainly want to add to your plate.


Traditional Chinese restaurants usually serve shark fin soup but at Tiffany’s, there is braised superior soup with fish maw, scallop and crabmeat. For customers who are against the hunting of sharks, this dish makes a brilliant substitute for the usual shark fin soup and it is definitely in no way lacking in taste. The fish maw makes up for the chewy texture and what is even better is this soup needs no adding of vinegar or pepper. It is prepared all ready to be tasted.


If you think that every other restaurant serves peng cai and there can be nothing new about this dish, you are wrong. Just the presentation alone will leave you impressed. Yes, it came in this unique looking pot kind of utensil.


What ingredients are typically in a peng cai dish? There are mushroom, sea cucumber, broccoli, prawns, cabbage among many others. A mixture of different taste and textures all in one dish.


What other dishes are recommended at the buffet meals? Take a look at the baked sea bass in teriyaki butter sauce, coupled with stewed pasta with crabmeat and egg white. It looks so elegantly decorated and tastes as good as it looks. The sea bass is fresh and sweet and goes really well with the pasta.


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Prosperity Buffet Lunch: $55.80++ (Adult) $24.80++ (Child)

Prosperity Buffet Dinner: $65.80++ (Adult) $24.80++ (Child)

Lunar New Year’s Eve (18th Feb)

Reunion Buffet Dinner: $68.80++ (Adult) $28.80++ (Child)

For reservations, call 6531 5366 or visit

Writer: Samuel Low

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