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5 Applications You Need to Download (If You Haven’t)

Our lives are revolving around phones now, and to make things worse, applications are getting more exciting by each updates. We are definitely devoting a lot more time on mobile applications. Free applications are awesome, and for the paid ones, well, they better be worth the money! Other than your games and social networks, here are 5 applications that we’ve picked for you that you NEED to download (if you haven’t) because they are crucial in your life, more important than Farmville in a way or another.

1) Carousell

Photo 1-7-14 3 51 59 pm
Photo 1-7-14 8 26 14 pm

2) ActiveSG

Photo 1-7-14 3 52 07 pm
Photo 1-7-14 8 26 07 pm

3) W.O.M.

Photo 1-7-14 8 44 51 pm
Photo 1-7-14 8 46 56 pm

4) Entertainer

Photo 1-7-14 3 52 20 pm
Photo 1-7-14 8 49 54 pm
Photo 1-7-14 8 50 07 pm

The Entertainer application first started extensively in Dubai and now in Singapore! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face (must like the application icon), Entertainer brings you 1-for-1 deals with over 770 participating merchants in Singapore – categorized within your vicinity of restaurants, nightspots, dining, spas, attractions and more. There are other versions of the application of offers in other countries – Malaysia, Dubai and Hong Kong to cite a few.

The application retails at $95 for a full year access of all 1-for-1 deals, with new additions every month. Each participating merchant comes with 3 vouchers for redemption.

Readers’ Benefits Using the unique discount code “influencer” entitles you to purchase the Entertainer Singapore One Month Mobile product at only S$15 (U.P. S$19). This discount code will expire on 31 July 2014. Check it out here. After your one month membership, you can choose to upgrade to the full product at S$76 , allowing you to redeem your offers till 30 December 2014!

5) Time Hop

Photo 1-7-14 3 51 42 pm
Photo 1-7-14 8 48 05 pm

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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