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5 Beautilicious hacks you will not want to miss out on!

Having trouble with your Lipstick fading all the time or your foundation looking cakey? Well, looks like you are in need of some beauty hacks. So what is a beauty hack? Beauty hacks are basically beauty related stuff that makes your everyday makeup routine easier; taking products you already have and making the most out of them.

These are the 5 beauty hacks:

1. Foundation.

Does your face get dry patches even after moisturizing, making your foundation stick to your dry skin and it ends up looking cakey? Simply spray some thermal spring water to your face and this will not only help to smoothen out the cakiness of the foundation but make it more long-lasting as well! Sounds simple but it definitely makes a vast difference to your face.

2. Concealer.

Not only does a concealer conceal all your pimples or blemishes but it can double up as a foundation when you run out, evening out your skin tone. Apply a thin layer to the face and slowly add on for higher coverage. In addition you can apply a little dab to the lips and this will help conceal your natural lip colour, making your lipstick colour pop even more.

3. Lipstick.

We are constantly eating and talking making the lipstick colour we applied on fade relatively fast. To make it last longer, simply place a piece of tissue paper over your lips, grab some translucent powder and lightly powder it over. Then reapply your lipstick and voila, you will not have to touch up your lipstick every single hour.

4. Contact lens casing.

After changing your contact lens casing, do not throw it away as it can be used as a container to store your essentials such as your foundation, hand cream or moisturizer. It is easily portable and useful for travelling as you don’t want to end up lugging all your full size make-up products along with you.

5. Blusher

Forgotten to bring your blusher out? No worries, you can always use your lipstick as an alternative. Use a piece of tissue to wipe the top of your lipstick and simply use your fingers to dab some onto your cheeks and not only will this act like a cream blusher but it also coordinates your lipstick colour to your blush.

So, these are the few beauty hacks that will help you get through your everyday make-up routine! Try them out and have fun exploring different beauty hacks. You will be amazed at the difference it can make to your life.

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Writer: Charis Lam Shi En

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