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5 cool contemporary art galleries in Singapore you should visit

If you think you’ve exhausted your list of art galleries to visit in Singapore, think again. And no, we’re not talking about the Singapore Art Museum or Art Science Museum – you’ve probably visited these places a ton of times by now. In this article, we’ve profiled 5 cool and less mainstream contemporary art galleries in Singapore that you should visit the next time you gallery hopping.


Photo Credit: DECK

DECK is super cool for several reasons. First, it consists of 19 shipping containers housing a gallery, library, café and studios. Second, it has been the event venue for multiple product launches, fashion shows and roadshows; and third, they hold workshops teaching you how to print your own photographs.

At this 3-hour crash course, you’ll learn how to transform old negatives into final prints in the DECK darkroom. Fees cost $50 per person, so grab along some friends and join in on this unique and fun experience!

2. Red Dot Design Museum

Photo Credit: Visit Singapore

Many of us may recognise the Red Dot Design Museum thanks to its modern glass façade and location at Marina Bay. Art lovers can check out over 2,000 exhibits at the Red Dot Design Museum before popping over to the museum’s shop for locally-designed souvenirs to bring back home. After that, head over to the museum’s Café Bar for a cuppa, or grab a bite of their delicious smoked meats!

3. The Cathay Gallery

Photo Credit: Street Directory

Take a walk down memory lane at The Cathay Gallery where the walls are decked with movie memorabilia wallpaper and vintage film posters from The Jungle Book and The Sound of Music. There’s also a collection of vintage cameras, antique cinema chairs and costumes once worn by actresses back in the day!

If you’ve got more time to spare, why not watch some snippets of classic Pontianak and Chinese films from the 50s and 60s, or learn about the history of the iconic Cathay Building? For those of you who love all things retro and vintage, this would be a great place to check out.

4. Vintage Camera Museum

Photo Credit: @michellesetyadi

Not only is the Vintage Camera Museum home to a rare collection of photographs and cameras, the exterior itself is built in the form of a Roller camera with the entry shaped like a lens. Photography enthusiasts can marvel at the over 1000 cameras on display from the walking stick camera to spy camera, as well as an authentic replica of the first photograph ever taken.

5. ION Art Gallery

Photo Credit: Nookmag

You may have walked past the ION Art Gallery numerous times, so if you’ve yet to pay a visit, now’s a good time to do it! The art gallery is located on the fourth level of ION Orchard and features artworks that are constantly renewed. From multi-media digital art to sculptures and media installations, you’ll be sure to have a new experience each time you visit.

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