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5 Facts with Joshua Simon


We all watched that video with over 50 celebrities dancing and being crazy. We spoke to the man behind the video and vocals of the cover song, Joshua Simon, who also happens to be the first local artist of this brand new segment, 5 FACTS!

1. SINGAPORE GOT MILK took Joshua Simon 3 years to make. While you think a Radio Deejay knows the secret to all viral videos, and that may as well be the case, Joshua started out just wanting to have fun. He recorded the song with a group of friends in a bedroom and collected 10 second videos of his favourite local and international talents.

“Most people cover songs by John Mayer or Ed Sheeran, but I wanted to cover a song that is not heard very much acoustically. I also wanted to see how a guy would sound singing a song like Milkshake. It was also a social experiment to find out how a video with hot guys and girs doing rachet stuff would work out.”

2. SINGAPORE GOT MILK is an anthem for all Singaporeans who believe that we can make it.

“I started the project even before I was a Radio Deejay. I was actually going to NS then and was constantly told that Singapore can’t make it (when it comes to talent). I wanted to make a point, and that was Singapore got milk!*, from young to old, musicians to actors and so on. I also wanted to attract more local audience.”

 He also feels very connected with the local scene.

“If you take out my scenes in the music video, it’s a whole gallery of people I look up to. It’s a big party and everyone’s involved. I did not have to force anyone because most if it were spontaneous and showed their personalities. [By putting out this video] I feel like I’m part of the people I love!”

* : Milk to Joshua means mojo, the same meaning that Kelis thought Milkshake meant. According to Kelis, “A milkshake is the thing that makes women special. Its what gives us our confidence and what makes us exciting.”

3. Sugarcane juice would bring all boys and girls to Joshua Simon’s yard. Kelis admitted that she doesn’t even like milkshakes. If Joshua Simon could change the title and sing about it, it would be coconut water or sugarcane juice.

“I love coconut water. Normal Singaporeans drink teh peng but I like the idea of how sugarcane juice is made, from the lemon to how big the jugs are going to be.”

Not the kind of reasoning one would expect, but it’s his unpretentious beliefs that make him stand out.

4. Joshua Simon REALLY LOVES his local musicians.

He thinks that the Sandra Tang (of The Sam Willows) is the Jessie J of Singapore.

“I don’t particularly like following people who just look pretty. I feel like I get very wholesome when I see her pictures. They push me to want to do something. She makes me want to care about how I eat and dress. She gives us an experience. In fact I tell everyone that they should follow her.”

I mean, who doesn’t love Sandra? Her passion for yoga is to die for, and she is creative when it comes to music, sports and craft. Follow The DIY Project with Sandra and her paintings here.

Joshua also appreciates Nathan Hartono.

“He is underrated no matter what success comes his way. I would place him beside international acts like Ed Sheeran and John Mayer. He is a kind and humble person who is still on his grind everyday.”


“I will never be ashamed to say pop music. There are so many genres in pop music and I love everything. I respect pop as much as people respect rock & roll and hip-hop. I rebelled with pop music.”

Look forward to more music from Joshua Simon, though not so much covers. He also explained why his music would be different from other musicians like The Sam Willows.

“I have been writing and producing for the longest time. I see YouTube as a side project for my megamixes. I love editing videos and very soon I want to have my original stuff. I was not trained to create amazing melodies on a guitar but I love production and coming up with my interpretation of something.”

Help us decide which local musician should be on the next 5 FACTS!

Writer: Racy Lim

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