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5 Horror Movies You Should Catch This Hungry Ghost Month

So it’s the Chinese Hungry Ghost month and all kinds of superstitious warnings have been discussed. What better time to scare yourself silly and indulge in some horror movies with your friends. After all, it’s the best atmosphere.

Introducing to you 5 horror movies you should catch this Hungry Ghost month.

1) The Cursed House, a Thai Production

The synopsis is as follow:

Ann with her family, husband and daughter and mother moved into a new house hoping to live a better live. Their lives take an unexpected turn when strange things start to happen in the house. Ann consults a shaman that senses evil in the house. Ann with the help from the original landlord must find the horrifying secrets before the evil consume the whole family.

Thai horror movies have a really good reputation, so if you want a really good scare, this movie should be top on your list. All bloody and gruesome.

2) Hungry Ghost Ritual, a Hong Kong film

The synopsis is as follow:

The movie tells the story of a Cantonese opera troupe that is harassed by malicious spirits ten days before the Hungry Ghost Festival, also known as Yu Lan Jie. Footages from the CCTV, installed by Zonghua (Nick Cheung), affirm his suspicions. Who are these spirits and what exactly are they after?

Typical of horror movies, this movie starts off with a mysterious note and a series of weird happenings and slowly, the terror starts to unveil itself.

3) Deliver Us From Evil, an English film

The synopsis is as follow:

The movie is based on the real life events of Ralph Sarchie, a New York cop who meets a Castilian priest then he is pulled into a case which the priest convinces him, against the officer’s religious beliefs, is demonically related. Together, they work to solve the case and combat paranormal forces working against them.

If you prefer an English horror movie, one related to religion, then this is the movie to catch.

4) Ju On 3: Beginning Of The End, a Japanese movie

The synopsis is as follow:

The seventh installment of “Ju On” franchise is also a reboot of the story focusing on the deceased Saeki family and its curse. Yui, an elementary school teacher visits the home of a boy named Toshio Saeki who has been absent from school for a long period of time. When she arrives, she re-lives the horrifying events that occurred in the Saeki household 10 years earlier.

Need I say more? If you enjoyed the previous instalments of Ju On, you shouldn’t miss this.

5) Soul, a Mandarin movie

The synopsis is as follow:

SOUL is an unsettling thriller which takes an unflinching look at demonic possession. A-chuan is a quiet 30-year-old chef working in a Japanese restaurant. One day he abruptly collapses unconscious and is rushed to a hospital. He is then sent back to his father’s home in the mountain to recuperate, where he remains catatonic and mute, until one day…

While there have been many American movies of demonic possession, Mandarin movies featuring demonic possession are less common. May not be as of high quality a scare compared to the Thai and Japanese counterparts.

Writer: Samuel Low 

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