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5 Reasons why Women Choose The Body Firm

5 Reasons why Women Choose The Body Firm

Looking good has always been a top priority amongst women. Looks might not be everything, but it sure doesn’t hurt to be easy on the eyes. To be good-looking, you’ll need the right attitude and the right style. More importantly, you’ll need a beauty and shaping partner that can help you stay in shape and be confident.

Since opening its door in 2007, The Body Firm has helped thousands of women and men to finally get the shape they desire.  They achieve this by offering a wide range of quality services using high quality products for a very reasonable price.

TIM visited The Body Firm at Delfi Orchard #04-20 and identified 5 reasons why women should choose The Body Firm.



Here Goes:

Top quality shaping and contouring systems that gets results


Filorga Cryolift is an anti-aging treatment using the technique of “freeze therapy”

i-lipo, an intelligent, non-surgical alternative to liposuction

One of the main concerns on any body shaping company is the quality of its shaping systems. Typically people want to be assured that there are no side effects and results are guaranteed. At The Body Firm, they offer shaping treatments for women that are effective, safe, painless and non-invasive. The company uses unique and revolutionary systems from Europe to help clients achieve their desired results.

Some of The Body Firm’s systems include the Apollo Tripolar and I-Lipo. The Apollo Tripolar is a third generation Tripolar radio frequency, which heats the skin to 42 degrees, increasing metabolism of fat cell resulting in shrinking of the fat cell. The I-Lip Colder Laser Slimming Therapy causes a chemical reaction in fat cell resulting in shrinking of the fat cell.

Excellent anti-cellulite treatments to give you the body you want


Women are extremely sensitive to the word ‘cellulite’. It’s like a forbidden word in a woman’s dictionary. Some will call it orange-peel, dimpled skin or even cottage cheese! How depressing it is, if you are constantly tag with these associations. How about having your naughty guy friends constantly poking fun at your orange peels?

With The Body Firm’s Cellulite treatments, a smoother skin will appear by toning the muscles. The toned muscles push out the skin and thus those areas appear tighter and smoother where the lumping has begun. Still feeling skeptical about removing your cellulite? Trust us, it is really possible to reduce or even remove cellulite altogether.

A lifestyle change will contribute to this further when you eat lots of fruits and leafy greens and avoid excesses such as alcohol, cigarettes and junk food.

5- star specialist facials that make you look younger than your age

Young pretty woman receiving face massage

Without a doubt, our face is one of our most important assets. Regular facials will cleanse, rejuvenate and pamper our skin thus improving our skin’s tone and radiance immediately. Choose from The Body Firm’s more than 10 different facial treatments; Gentle Milk Whitening Facial, Microdermabrasion, Radio Frequency V Shape, Filorga Cryolift, amongst others. Feeling Excited?

These treatments will freshen you up and keep you younger than your age all the time. Your youth will be renewed like the eagles!

Honest, transparent and open towards our customers


Everyone likes to deal with companies that are honest and transparent. We have seen too many fly-by-night companies, which used unscrupulous and unethical sales tactics to lure customers to buy packages. Sometimes there are also fine lines, which are purposely omitted to attract customers to visit their stores. Upon arrival, customers realize they need to fork out more money for the services or products. At The Body Firm, they believe in honesty, transparency and openness towards their customers. They treat all their customers as their friends and aim to customize their treatments to suit the needs of every customer.

Zero Hard Selling


Guaranteed and Chopped! There will be zero hard selling at The Body Firm. We all know that beauty and aesthetic salons thrive on selling packages. This helps to lock their customers’ loyalty and also aid the business long-term cash flow sustainability. We hate it when hard-core sales tactics are used to force us to sign up for packages or more expensive treatments. We can see through immediately when a customer service person is more interested in earning his or her own commission then the concern over our needs. At The Body Firm, there is absolutely zero hard selling! Customers sign up packages because they know the treatments work for them. No hard selling tactics are adopted to get clients to buy packages or additional treatments.

Tucked in a cozy shop at Delfi Orchard #04-20, Singapore 238876, the company prides itself with their in-depth knowledge about the products and services they provide. With their expertise, all their treatments are carefully selected to suit their customers’ needs.

Check out their site to find out more:




The Body Firm 402 Orchard Road,

Delfi Orchard #04-20,

Singapore 238876

Tel: 68 38 0331 or 68 38 0332

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday: from 10 am – 8:30 pm

Saturday: from 9 am – 5 pm

Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed

Written by Dennis Toh

Editor Of The Influencer Media

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