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5 Ways to Survive World Cup Fever (As a Clueless Person)

While everyone else gets involved in the World Cup fever, how do you, as a non-fan of the sport, stay relevant? Sometimes it is good to put on a show of your enthusiasm – football fans may treat you better, bosses may be more forgiving. After all, FIFA World Cup happens once every 4 years. For now, here is our 5 steps “fake it till you win it” guide to survive this season as a clueless person.

1) Act like you’ve never slept the night before


2) Wear jerseys/team colors on dress-down days


3) Strike the generic conversations & throw in some trivia


“That was so close!” “Yeah! It was, oh my god he could have scored a goal, like what Spain* did in 2010!!!”

*Spain was the World Cup champion in 2010, they definitely scored.

4) Know your country flags & best players


5) Be dramatic (!!!!)


Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

#howtofake #worldcup

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