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50% Off All Domino’s Pizza!

Domino’s recently organised a Year-End Christmas blogger party to thank all their customers and partners for their continued support. A 50% off All Pizza deal was launched to thank all its customers.

Quick, order your Pizzas today:


Presenting to you the blog posts of all Bloggers who have attended this Xmas Party. Have a good read..

1) Caren- 2) Christine Ng- 3) Kaiting Cheng 4) Poppivel Koh 5) Shu Qing 6) Jessie Quek- 7) Candy Wee – 8) Trista S 9) Hong Peng 10) CK Chai – 11) Vivian 12) Gerald- 13) Soh Gail- 14) Jem Tan

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