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9 Reasons why you should buy Wongamania

9 Reasons Why You Should Buy Wongamania


1) Marvel at the fun and entertainment from Wongamania, such as: Stealing properties from your enemies, instigate a life time of economic depression, bringing down that snobbish tycoon and make him bankrupt and laugh with glee as your money pile grows taller and taller.

2) Learn about Economics, without needing to go through a 1000 pages textbook and understand how economic cycles, taxes, interest rates and government policies will affect you.

3) Understand how stocks, bonds and properties will behave in different market cycle and learn how to actually make money, rather than just reading or hearing about it.

4) Be in awe of the supportive workshops and materials that the creators of Wongamania have set up, to further your education in the world of economics and finance.

5) Seamless interactivity fun with friends and relatives, and enjoy yourself crushing your enemies and watch them curse at you, in high definition 3D! (No 3D glasses needed too! How cool is that?)

6) Support the local tabletop game industry and be part of the tabletop game revolution!

7) Weighing at only 300g and with a dimension of 24 x 20 cm, it is light and portable, allowing it to fit into most bags.

8) Groundbreaking last generation battery technology! It is always fully charged, with no need for constant recharging, messy cables or looking for a power point.

9) The most special and unique present for this holiday seasons, when everyone can gather around the fireplace/television/turkey/table and have some good quality family with a fun and interactive card game

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