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A Handful of “Must-have” Applications

In the advanced world we live in, the younger generation is becoming more technology-savvy. Moreover as a first world country, there is an urgency for Singapore to be updated with the latest news and be well-informed of the issues faced in today’s society.

Having a smartphone in today’s context is considered a social norm. Singaporeans are known to have the latest gadgets, what’s more an iPhone? Thus, the iPhone 6 launch this Friday brings about much anticipation amongst the loyal iPhone users or even potential ones who are eventually influenced by their families and peers.

What’s an iPhone without any applications? Indeed, an iPhone is said to be interactive because of the abundance of apps. Hence, there are a handful of apps that you must have when you get your hands on an iPhone.

1. Instagram (created in 2010)

Instagram App

For all the frequent media users out there, Instagram is the number one app that you need to have! It opens your eyes to a world of photographs and gives you a glimpse of your friends’ lives through a simple post. Through this app, you can not only get to know your friend’s day a little better but update them about your life as well! If you do not have an account yet, here are four simple steps to guide you through:

1) Simply create an account

2) Click the “follow” button of your friends’ accounts

3) Snap a picture of what you would like to showcase to the public

4) Write a short and sweet caption about the picture, then click “post” and you’re done!

2. Afterlight (created in 2012)

Afterlight App

This application is perfect to beautify your photographs according to your personal liking. Costing only $1.28, Afterlight has the basics of Photoshop that enables your photo-editing experience to be a wholesome one. With the latest version of Afterlight, there is an addition of filters and you can also create your very own filter!

3. Hyperlapse (created in 2014)

Hyperlapse App

Tired of sitting down in front of the computer compressing your video and fastening its pace? Hyperlapse is just the app for you. Created by Instagram, this application saves you lots of time! All you need to do is record a full-length video and the app works wonders by compressing it into a few seconds instantaneously! You can even post this compressed clip on Instagram or other social media websites as well.

4. Telegram (created in 2013)


This application is said to be an improved version of Whatsapp. Now, Telegram is made available for download on the Mac App Store as well. Here are a few advantages of this application:

1) Every member in a Telegram group has the rights of an administrator, which means that each of them are able to add new members into the existing group chat.

2) A Telegram group chat can have an unlimited number of people.

3) Telegram sends messages to the other party quicker than Whatsapp.

5. Iris (created in 2011)

Iris App

Always missing your bus or not knowing when your next bus will arrive? The Iris application will be the best guide on your road journey in Singapore. This app allows you to check for the availability of buses at your current location or destination as well as the arrival timing of the buses. With this app, you can even bookmark the buses and bus stop for convenience’s sake in the future!

So with all these applications, you’re all good to go with the latest iPhone 6! Even if you have an iPhone now, you can readily attain these applications by going to the app store and downloading them!

Writer: Marissa Yeo Si Min

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