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A Quintessential PIPER-HEIDSIECK Champagne Lunch with Master of Wine Ned Goodwi

Apple Tart with Salted Caramel & Vanilla Sauce
Oven Baked Red Snapper with Medley of Vegetables & Sweet Tomato Concasse_Individual Serving
PIPER-HEIDSIECK Asia-Pacific Ambassador Ned Goodwin (2)

PIPER-HEIDSIECK, one of France’s oldest Champagne houses, was proud to host an intimate media-exclusive champagne pairing lunch on 15 October 2015 at the charming premises of Scotts 27 by Le Saint Julien; a private-dining restaurant in a verandah-style black-and-white colonial housealong Scotts Road. Led by PIPER-HEIDSIECK Asia-Pacific Ambassador Ned Goodwin (Master of Wine), the lunch saw a gathering of media friends who arrived to learn more about the award-winning champagnes’ rich heritage, elegant tasting notes, and the fundamental know-hows of food and champagne pairings.

A quintessential three-course menu was designed by Chef Julien Bompard to complement three select champagnes from PIPER-HEIDSIECK. Chef Bompard greeted the afternoon’s guests alongside the serving of his first dish: the House Marinated Salmon with Orange Marmalade and Fennel Confit, which was coupled with the classic, full-bodied PIPER-HEIDSIECK CUVÉE BRUT (NV). Ned Goodwin highlighted the hints of pear freshness and subtle citrusy finish of the wine as guests savoured the delightful appetiser together with thechampagne.

Paired with the menu’s tantalising main course –the Oven Baked Red Snapper with Medley of Vegetables and Sweet Tomato Concasse –was the House’s prestigious vintage, PIPER-HEIDSIECK MILLISIME RARE 2002. When introducing the vintage champagne to the guests, PIPER-HEIDSIECK ambassador Ned admitted that this was one of his favourite vintages. Recognised as an “exceptional wine of the moment” in Wine Spectator Insider,this silky citrine yellow-gold effervescent wine evokes subtle nuances of exotic spices and fruits including white pepper, kumquat, mango, pineapple and candied ginger. Produced only eight times since 1976, this champagne truly lives up to its name.

The delicate meal ended off on a sweet note with Chef Bompard’s crisp Apple Tart with Salted Caramel and Vanilla Sauce along with the rich and expressive PIPER-HEIDSIECK ROSE SAUVAGE, an original and juicy wine which simultaneously offers berry, grapefruit andblood orange notes, with warm, spicy notes of Espelette pepper, tea and liquorice.

“We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the versatility of PIPER-HEIDSIECK Champagne when it comes to food pairings. I’m glad thattogether with Scotts 27,we were able to create an enjoyable epicurean experience for our guests today and that it was a pleasant mid-day break from the city bustlefor everyone,” said Elisabeth Tona, Regional Marketing Director, Southeast Asia,Middle East,India, Rémy Cointreau.

PIPER-HEIDSIECK has earned the reputation of being one of the world’s most-awarded Champagnes, with recent recognition of its Millisime Rare 2002 this year at an outstanding 97/100 points in influential wine publication WINE SPECTATOR.

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