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Changing ‘boring’ Singapore – Top 10 places to visit with your loved ones.


Singapore is often said to be boring or it is just too small to be considered an exciting place by many Singaporeans. However, knowing the right places to go will definitely enrich your exciting expedition around Singapore!

Here are the top 10 places for you to have a good time with your loved ones or to simply spend some solitary time.

Number 1: Paddles Up


Stand up paddling (SUP) at the SUPSCHOOL is an activity like none other. This activity suits people from all walks of life, even for men who think that this is not an activity for them. SUP are practised by Masculine man Ex-Olympians and current Olympic athlete’s for fitness and core muscle training as well. Furthermore, the first thing that catches your attention when you check out their website is their tagline “Because there’s a lot more to do in Singapore then you think”. So ride the waves and have a whale of a time there!

Number 2: Comedy Underground


At Comedy Mesala, sit back and be prepared to be fully entertained in the next three to five minutes and be immersed in the world of comedy by the local comedians. Have a happy kick-start to your week every Tuesday evening!

Number 3: The ‘Tarzan’ Experience



The Forest Adventure allows you to experience 2.5 hours of how it feels like to be up high in the trees, allowing you to look at nature in a totally new perspective. Divided into four individual sites, there are 34 different obstacles for you to tackle. Get ready to swing your way through with your family and friends!


Number 4: Good old Singapore


Singapore Food Trail is a snippet of the authentic flavourful Singapore delicacies back in the 1960s. It is a “must try” spot for Singaporeans, especially the younger generations. It is worth a trip down if you want to reminise about the good old days or you are just curious to find out how food tasted like in the past. Singapore’s well-known local dishes such as Boon Tat Street Barbeque Seafood and old-time favourite Ice Balls are also available here.

Number 5: Shoot em’ Down


Up for a game of paintball? Red Dynasty Paintball Park provide a 20-metre shooting gallery: two scenario based fields and a standard sized speedball field. This adrenaline pumping game will definitely get you addicted. Not only do you get to make your “Counter strike” game a reality but you get to shoot at your friends. What better way to bond your relationship with each other over a game of paintball?

Number 6: Experience ‘flying’


Ever wondered how it feels to fly? The flying trapeze gives you a glimpse of what flying feels like. This activity helps to improve concentration, strength and co-ordination. Get ready to conquer your fear of heights as you face it head on! During this activity, you will have a chance to do flying stuns such as knee-hangs, mid-air splits, pirouettes and somersaults.

Number 7: Big Prawn


What differentiates prawning at Big Splash from the other prawning ponds are the tags attached to their prawns with the different colour tags representing different incentives. For example, if you were to catch a prawn with a blue tag, you will be able to enjoy a free hour of fish spa. Moreover, it is hassle-free during the process of cooking your catch as a hotplate will be available for you to simply flip the switch and start cooking!

Number 8: Eye trick


Get ready to be amazed by what pictures can do to trick your eye into thinking what they are seeing is ‘real’. At the trick eye museum there are over 80 optical illusion paintings and installations, so get your cameras ready to snap moments of all the unusual situations you never expect yourself to be caught in!

Number 9: Nature stroll


Longing for an escape from today’s fast-paced life? Take a walk down MacRitchie Nature Trail and take a deep breath of the fresh air while appreciating nature’s beauty. The walk stretches from a range of 3km to 11km with multiple routes for you to choose from. Let the nature captivate you and refresh your mind for another day or week ahead of you!

Number 10: Separated sisters


Famous for the legend of the separation of two sisters, Sister’s island, is the perfect place for the adventurous at heart. Having a wide range of activities such as snorkelling, camping and a perfect picnic spot, the island is a place for you to spend a day out with your loved ones!

Singapore can be a fun place to be, so get excited as you explore these top 10 places.

Writer: Charis Lam Shi En

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