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Community Marketplace for Amazing Experiences: Funzing

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Funzing, a ground-breaking experience marketplace based on the concept of the sharing economy, launches in Singapore. Described as the Airbnb of unique experiences, Funzing encourages individuals to share their hobbies with the local community through one-of-a-kind events.

Funzing is a first of its kind community marketplace that connects locals looking for exciting and quirky events with creative people who want to share their passion with others. Anyone can become a host, create an event and earn some extra money while doing what they love.

Funzing is currently operating in a few major cities in the United Kingdom and in Israel. There are more than 2000 active hosts live on board the platform sharing their experiences and hosting people for unique leisure time events.

The Funzing marketplace is completely free and very simple to use. It only takes three effortless steps to create an event and start sharing it with others. Visually engaging design makes it easy to browse and choose between the most unique experiences listed on the desktop and mobile websites. Users can afterwards rate the experience and contribute to the community.

All the experiences are carefully curated and vetted by Funzing before they go live on the marketplace, but there are very few limitations as to what type of experience can be offered.

Even the craziest and funniest experiences will find a place on the Funzing community marketplace: it is all left to the imagination and creativity of the individual.

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