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Delectably hot deal @Domino’s


The time of the month is here again, the event which we are alll looking forward to with anticipation: The monthly food tasting event at Domino’s! The team and 20 bloggers headed down to the Domino’s outlet at Kovan, one of the many branches in Singapore, to check out their ongoing deal, which is two regular pizza for only $22! So read on to see what the bloggers have to say about the food!


Jeremy, a blogger who specialises in food and photoshoots, who is a meat-lover feels that Meatasaurus had the best of both worlds. He said, “I simply love the abundance of meat and the mushrooms on the pizza. The garlic flakes on top of the crust is really fragrant.”


Jovelle, a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger, complimented on the Alfredo Prawn stating, “As a seafood lover, the ingredients on the pizza are really fresh, they are both creamy and flavourful.”


Jerlinda Tan, another food and lifestyle blogger said, “The napolitana baked beef meatballs are really delicious. I don’t often eat meatballs, but they are not fatty nor do they have a very strong beef scent. Moreover, the sauce enhances the taste of the meatballs, I will definitely purchase the meatballs again.”


Guan Wei, a café and apparels blogger commented, “The Domino’s chocolate lava cake is really really good! For such a reasonable price, it is a value for money. The sweetness is just right and it is really chocolatey.”


Fad, a party and launches blogger, loved Domino’s chocolate lava cake , he said, “The texture is similar to Crème brûlée. It is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.”

Well, there’s more to this event! Do check out the #dominossg to view some pictures which the bloggers snapped of the sumptous food and posted them on Instagram!

For more information about Domino’s menu and local branches, do visit the Domino’s website at

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