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Diana: The Interview That Shocked The World

Launching exclusively with iwonder this Thursday 1st July, coinciding with the unveiling of a new statue to commemorate what would have been Princess Diana’s 60thbirthday, ‘Diana: The Interview That Shocked The World’ revisits the Princess of Wales’s infamous 1995 BBC TV interview, the revelations from which about her marriage to Prince Charles and her life as a member of the Royal Family generated headlines around the world.

25 years later, this film looks at how the broadcasting event of the century was orchestrated, what the interview revealed about modern society, along with new insights into the psychological portrait of Diana herself, a naïve young woman who believed in the fairy-tale of her marriage only to lose her sense of self in its realities.

With testimony from BBC insiders and some of those closest to Diana, this new programme asks why the Princess chose to take this extraordinary gamble with an interviewer who was not widely known at the time.

The interview continues to cause fresh controversy today, as ongoing inquiries uncover a network of lies, with Martin Bashir’s alleged deceit in convincing Diana to participate in the interview recently branded “one of the biggest crimes in the history of broadcasting” by the Director General of the BBC at the time, John Birt.

As gripping to watch today as it was during the time of its first broadcast, what people now know about the events that led to the interview add an entirely new dimension to this historic broadcast.

iwonder CEO, James Bridges, says of the film: “The fact that Princess Diana’s interview with Martin Bashir is still making headlines over 25 years later proves what a hugely significant event this piece of television was in the modern history of the British Royal Family. Knowing what we now know about the dubious methods Bashir allegedly employed to secure the interview, rewatching the interview and hearing from people associated with it carries an extra degree of intrigue, as the relationship between Princess Diana and Martin Bashir goes under the microscope with a very different perspective.”

Viewers new to iwonder can watch Diana: The Interview That Shocked The World for free by signing up to the 14-day free trial period, while also gaining access to 1,000+ other acclaimed documentary films and series. Priced at $4.99 USD monthly or $49.90 USD annually, viewers can enjoy iwonder on their mobile phones via iOS and Android apps, browsers at, with Apple TV, Android TV or through Google Chromecast or Apple’s Airplay.


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