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Domino’s Fastest Pizza Maker Finals entered Singapore Book of Records

It was a flurry of flour, cheese, sauce and toppings as 10 pizza makers from across Singapore came together to vie for two coveted spots in the Domino’s Pizza Fastest Pizza Maker competition held yesterday at Nee Soon East Community Centre.

Mr Faizah Bin Abdullah emerged as the final winner with a record time of 2 minutes and 46 seconds. This was the first event organized in Singapore to recognize the expertise and skills of Domino’s Pizza makers. Faizah will represent Singapore to compete with other Asia Pacific countries held in one of a selected Asia Pacific country early next year.

The fastest pizza making time registered in this event was officially declared into the Singapore Book of Records. The Singapore Book of Records (SBOR) is a non-profit organisation established in 2005, primarily to compile and adjudicate all national records, and to advise and promote world records. It was formed in response to widespread voices for a national body to administer and make local record breaking possible.

These highly skilled contestants were given the shortest time possible to hand-stretch fresh dough, sauce and make three large pizzas – one pepperoni, one mushroom and one cheese – as quickly as possible. While speed is important, the quality of the pizzas determined by the judges, plays a critical role in determining the final winner.

This competition aims to hone Domino’s Pizza makers’ skills in making top quality Pizzas within the shortest time possible, and thus enabling its delivery riders to deliver the promise of delivering good quality pizzas within 30 minutes. The stringent 10-point pizza is a list of standards to making the ideal pizza, including size, portion, presentation, crust, rise of crust, and slices that must be evenly cut.

Shamsul Amree, Senior General Manager, Operations, Domino’s Pizza Singapore and Malaysia, said, “This competition is unique to Domino’s and a great platform to witness the talent of our pizza makers who are usually behind the scenes. Pizza making at Domino’s is truly a craft that requires technique and practice to be able to create a perfect 10-point pizza made from hand-stretched dough.”

“All our pizza makers must master two important characteristics: speed and quality. We do not compromise on either. Time is a crucial factor for Domino’s Pizza because as the pizza delivery expert, we must deliver within 30 minutes. We are also committed to delivering pizzas that meet the quality expectations of customers.”

Domino’s began the World’s Fastest Pizza Maker competition in 1982 to honor pizza makers who best exemplify the company’s philosophy of keeping efficiency in the store to allow sufficient time for safe, timely pizza delivery.

Embracing the company’s philosophy of smart hustle, Domino’s Pizza has been holding the Fastest Pizza Maker competition once every two years since 1998 to laud pizza makers who best exemplify qualities that enable the safe and timely delivery that the company prides itself on. The competition is open to all pizza makers at Domino’s Pizza.

Highlights of the event included a pizza-making demo from last year’s Champion as well as an eye-opening pizza making stunt performance.

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