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Guava Sketches: A Love for good design and functionality

Guava Sketches is a shop founded by two sisters Jennifer and Joan.

Their homeware selection is curated based on a love for good design and functionality. This passion started with an appreciation for well-made items, whose beauty is complemented by utility. Their shop reflect the same ethos – it is informed by a love for nature and a great appreciation and respect for craftsmanship.

Their offering ranges from small items such as collectibles and jewelry, to kitchenware, furniture pieces, and everyday homeware. These pieces are made by artisans with distinct taste. Though from diverse eras – some having a history of more than a hundred years, while others are young brands at the forefront of a generation redefining “new”, these makers are bound by the same aesthetics and belief.

This is their humble way of sharing with you the joy of experiencing these beautiful pieces and celebrating these artists & their commitment to their craft.

Simply click on this link to find out more about the brand.

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