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Hong Kong Food Guide – “Must-Eats” When You Travel!

Hong Kong is definitely a foodie’s paradise.

Egg Tarts, Roasted Goose, Po Lo Bao, Dim Sum, Scrambled Eggs, Milk Pudding…………. Anything.

You name it, they have it.

I almost died from an unhealthy dose of craving HK food while preparing this guide and editing the photos (from Zavier and I) of all the #foodporn I had last December.

So please, heed my word of caution, if you aren’t going to HK any time soon…. Don’t scroll down!

But if you are, here’s my comprehensive food guide of the things you DIE DIE HAVE TO TRY when visiting HongKong!!!!!!

Australian Dairy Company


This place is legendary. If you love breakfast, EGGS, pudding or just FOOD – you have to visit this food joint.

They have snaking queues during lunch hour 12-2pm so avoid it or be prepared to line up behind maybe 50 people or so. However, although the queues are long, they move FAST.

And I mean fast as in 50 people in 30 minutes.

Of course a fast moving queue like the one at Aus Dairy Co. also means that they expect you to finish your meals, pay the bill, and leave in a matter of 15 minutes. Take their “service” with a pinch of salt.

Waiting time is almost non-existent here. Perfect for people who need to fill their bellies immediately.


Scrambled eggs with toast


It is such a simple dish and yet no one can do it like ADC does. They must have a secret recipe for this…. Can I pay someone to steal it for me please????


I have had scrambled eggs MANY times over the past 21 years of my life. And NOTHING comes close to this. Nothing.

I have no idea how they do it so well. This dish is an absolute MUST HAVE when you visit HK.

Trust me, it will keep you coming back for more.


The French Toast was gorgeous. Deep fried in egg with a slice of butter slapped on top.

The maple syrup is placed at the table so you can pour whatever copious amounts you desire.

Do it with discretion though, we don’t want your clothing buttons to pop.


Milk Pudding

Freaking smooth and melt in your mouth goodness that they probably make with the bottled milk they sell at ADC. Theres a warm and cold version but I personally prefer the cold one because it tastes more “dessert-ish”.


ADC is definitely my number 1 go-to place when I touch down in Hong Kong. I will never leave the country without stepping foot into this joint. Try it to believe it!!!!!!!

Address: 47-49 Parkes Street Jordan (near Jordan MTR) Tel: (852) 2730 1356 Opening Hours: Daily 730am to 11pm How To Get There: Exit C2 Jordon’s MTR Station and walk towards Parkes Street.

Tim Ho Wan (Sham Shui Po Outlet)

This is the real THW with a Michelin Star!!!!!!!!

After trying the more convenient outlet at IFC Mall (above Hong Kong Station), I know for one thing that the queue here is WAAAAAAAAAAY longer.

We were pretty lucky because we were in a group of 8 and managed to get a private room (I think they mistook us for another group LOL) and got in after queuing for only 10 minutes max!!

I think we got there at around 10/11am which was rush hour so thecrowd outside was CRAY. There were both locals and tourists queuing outside and I think they had to wait at least an hour for a place inside.

But when locals in HK queue for something… You know you’re gonna get something pretty damn amazing. And that was the case for THW here at Sham Shui Po.

Chicken Feet aka Feng Jiao (Phoenix Leg)

Glutinous Rice with Pork

MY FAVOURITE MALAY CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super fluffy and soft!!!!! I would say they serve the best “Ma Lai Gao” at THW!

Chee Cheong Fan with Char Siew

Rarely get this in Singapore now (Crystal Jade stopped serving it wtf) and you can choose between having it plain, or stuffed with prawn and char siew.

The Siew Mai was delicious. They really do not scrimp on their ingredients at THW. I liked this a lot even though I rarely have this in Singapore.

I can’t stand how some restaurants use SHRIMP (as in the tiny hae bi kind) instead of prawns.

Eat Hongkong Food-74

Pork Chops aka Pai Gu

This was so fatty and melt in your mouth perfection. YES. Order this.

One of THW’s 4 Heavenly Kings…

The famous Char Siew Po Lo Bun!

The version we had here at THW was nothing short of amazing and100% worth the calories. No such thing as diet when it comes to this bun.

The crusted exterior in contrast with the soft interior overflowing with delicious Char Siew… Oh……… Take me back now. I need one to fulfill my cravings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A must must MUST order at any THW outlet!

We over ordered (as you can see in the picture) but thank god had Zavier and Guan Wen who finished most of everything and we paid only HALF of what we would have paid in Singapore.

The total bill came up to around 20 SGD per pax and is SUPER value for money considering the quality of the food (MICHELIN STAR YO) and the amount we ordered!

I recommend coming early in the morning, maybe around 30minutes before their official opening hours to avoid the queues. Otherwise…Just share tables!!!!!!!! Very commonplace in HK and gets the queue moving a lot faster.

Address: 9-11 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po (10 min walk from Sham Shui Po MTR) Tel: +852 2788 1226 Opening Hours: 8:00am – 9:30pm (Daily)

Mr Softee Ice Cream Truck

Eat Hongkong Food-13

I remember having this when I was a kid. Mr Softee was available at 7-11 or something but it just suddenly disappeared. I blame MCD for this because they had a period where their vanilla cones were 25cents or something.

But anyway, Mister Softee (?) can be found in Hong Kong and they exist as a moving truck! They only serve 4 types of ice cream (Soft Serve, Nutty Drumstick, Large Cups and Jumbo Orange) and is a completely no-frills ice-cream establishment.

I always have a cone on my trips to HK out of nostalgia. Good times they were.

Eat Hongkong Food-12

The Soft Serve is my favourite and a classic choice of mine.

You’d think it must be a total pain to find since they are “mobile”, but I always find them parked at specific places the past few trips I’ve made to Hong Kong. Address: Around Mong Kok Streets OR Star Ferry Pier (Central Wing)

Kam Wah Bakery (Prince Edward/Mong Kok)

Eat Hongkong Food-14

All HK cha chaan tengs (tea houses) usually look like the above. However, some are extremely busy and always bustling with activity. An example of this would be Kam Wah Bakery which is located very close to Prince Edward MTR.*

*Not Mong Kok MTR!

Eat Hongkong Food-15

The highlight of this place would DEFINITELY be their Po Lo Bao (Pineapple Bun).

I have NEVER, tasted a po lo bao better than the one they serve here.

The turnover rate is so high here you probably get your buns served straight out from the oven.

If not, I’d advice you to order something else to keep your mouth busy (eg: Milk Tea or Yuen Yang) and let the staff know you want your buns served OUT OF THE OVEN.

Usually they will comply. And trust me…. The smell of the bun and the perfectly crumbly texture of the bun will destroy your existing idea of “Po Lo Bao” almost immediately.

Their version is so perfect I came back a second time just for this.Truly redefined my standards for such a “simple” bun and you HAVE TO EAT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chicken Wings

Their chicken wings were not bad as well and good for distracting yourself when waiting for an oven-fresh Po Lo Bao.

French Toast

I think this was comparable to the one at ADC and Clara actually liked this a lot more. It was sweeter and eggier I think! Not a bad choice if you’re still hungry after having the PLB!

Address: G/F, 47 Bute Street, Prince Edward Opening Hours: 6.30am – 12 midnight (Daily)

Mak’s Noodles (Central)

I have never been a large fan of noodles. Ramen, spaghetti, maggi mee… Nope. If there was a choice on the menu I would definitely pick something other than noodles.

But the previous time I came to HK, I remember my cousins pestering me to try their Wan Ton Mee (Prawn dumpling noodles) and they swore that I would never speak badly about noodles again.

I took their advice and I was kinda mind blown.

Mak’s noodles are super springy aka QQ and very unlike the flat tasting noodles I get here in sunny Singapore! I’ve always LOVED wan ton (prawn dumplings) and the ones here BLEW MY MIND.

Large generous dumplings stuffed with full sized prawns and meat….. This is what a dumpling should be. I always remember toorder a separate bowl of dumplings for myself (without the noodles) because I LOVE IT.

The soup was good as well and my only issue with Mak’s is that their servings are TOO SMALL!!!!!!!!! The bowls are quite small and you’d get a shock when they arrive on your table. It is quite expensive as well in terms of quantity, I think around $5 per bowl.But with that said, I will be back!!!!!!

The guys were not full after Mak’s while the girls felt just right. Big eaters might need 2 servings to fill their bellies, but HEY, you’re in HK!! Save that space for something else!!!!!!!!!!

Address: G/F, 77 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong. Opening Hours: Mon to Sun 11am – 10pm

PS: They have quite a few outlets but this is the one I tried in HK! You’d probably see their branches around the island so try them out and let me know!

Tsim Chai Kee (Central)

Wellington Street hosts my two favourite wan ton mee. Right opposite Mak’s Noodles is Tsim Chai Kee.

I ventured over while walking through Wellington Street deciding that I wanted something soupy for breakfast on a cold morning. I sat down in TCK and I was blown away.

In my opinion, TCK has a much more flavourful soup base as compared to Mak’s while their noodles are just as QQ!

Tsim Chai Kee also offers more variety and you can choose to havefishballs and beef slices with your wan ton mee!

The beef slices were tender and the fishballs bouncy and full of flavour. Why can’t I find the same in Singapore?? WHY!!!!!!!!!! *sobs*

I really love variety when it comes to food so ordering an “all-in-one” bowl of noodles scored TCK some brownie points.

I would visit either Mak’s or TCK based on my mood/feel when I’m in HK I guess.

Address: 98, Wellington St. Central, Hong Kong Opening Hours: Daily: 8am – 10 pm

Honolulu Coffee Shop (Central)

I love this joint because it reminds me of the HK dramas I watch and it is a great place to people watch over lunch. You’d see old couples and young families with children flood this place.

I think this is one of the bigger “cha chaan tengs” in HK and make it easier to dine in big groups without having to split up.

People sing high praises for their egg tarts (if you like the flaky version) but I come here mainly for the atmosphere and their set meals which are very cheap and value for money!

Pineapple Bun aka Po Lo Bao

The famous Egg Tarts which you can takeaway if there are no seats inside!

Pork Buns which came as a part of a set meal

Eat Hongkong Food-21