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How to be a Successful Blogger in Singapore

In this day and age, many people are more receptive to sharing their personal stories, photos and opinions on social platforms. Some even made use of this avenue as their source of additional income. Has blogging become a marketing means of oneself on social media?

While there are no sure-proof directives to becoming a successful and influential online personality, here are some tips that will help in boosting your virtual popularity.

1) Keep your topics interesting

No one likes reading a boring blog. Like what your secondary school teachers would’ve said – do not give verbal and literal recounts, but rather, valuable insights that make that idea uniquely yours. A good way to start will be coming up with a brilliant and eye-catching title.

2) Networking

It is important to have a wide contact – one of the ways to make connections and networking is through your attendance of various events or participation in competitions. Make friends with fellow bloggers; be nice to PR/events managers. Take part in competitions and make your name known to others. As the popular saying goes “Your Network is your Net Worth,” be sociable and establish great ties with others.

3) Capitalize on your voice

If you’re a trendy individual, work towards being recognized as a fashion blogger. Flawless skins for beauty, born-gluttons for food bloggers. You want to carve out an identity in a world of anonymity. Find your niche in blogging and soon people will look up to you for such information.

4) Update regularly

Keep your blog updates regular and frequent. This is to ensure consistency and loyalty in readership. I’ve seen blogs that are left unattended for over a month or two and you wonder if there are virtual cobwebs on them.

5) Do not spam posts

While it is good to update regularly, try not to do so too frequently. It makes people angry and annoyed having to scroll through your posts on their dashboard every hour. It is going to affect your likability as your audience may feel overfed. Keep your market value high; a Hermes Birkin is only this expensive with the customization and exclusivity unlike other manufactured bags.

6) Be technological-savvy

It is important to possess the necessary skills when you run a blog. Learn the basic coding and be informed of tech-savvy means. Using hashtags creatively and meaningfully is a good example to get yourself started.

7) Join an agency

Although many may feel that an agency will tie them down and limit their potential, most agencies strive to promote and push their bloggers for benefits and up the popularity scale. They are also able to get better rates or deals with their bargaining power. Some notable agencies include NuffNang, Gushcloud and The Influencer Network.

8) Blog with a passion

If you lack that spark, people know. Make sure you have a passion in blogging; be in your intentions and aims. Once you do, you will have your own voice and style in the blogosphere. Sooner or later you will be recognized.

We do hope that these tips will be able to benefit you in carving out an identity for yourself in a competitive and ubiquitous community. Do you have tips or ideas on how to be an influential blogger? Do share with us by commenting below!

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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