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How to Earn Passive Income with a Pair of Pants?

Event Agenda:

Employers have been advised by MOM recently to allow and support workers to take on second jobs to supplement income during this covid 19 pandemic. Have you been wondering how you can build a second income stream for yourself ?

If you have been thinking about growing your income potential, we have a good career opportunity for you.

Sign up for our BE Business Opportunity Sharing.

You will find out about the core products from BE International.

*You will find out how the products have helped many people in the areas of health and wealth.

*You will find out about the easy & affordable way of franchising the BE business.

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Speakers’ Profile:

1) Mindy Wong is working as Business Development Manager in an IT Consulting Company in Singapore, she used to be having back pain due to her slipped disc problem. Aulora Kodenshi pants helps her to recover from her back pain and Zencoso solved her asthma and IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) problems. Because of her testimonials, she is confident to go out and share our fabulous products to help more people to regain their health, she also started taking BE as her 2nd career, her team is in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

2) Dennis Toh is an Actor Model Entrepreneur, Dennis is on a personal Mission to encourage people to Explore More with their lives. After reading a book titled ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, Dennis vows to stop working full-time for companies and began his entrepreneurial journey, starting a foot reflex brand, a nail spa, and an influencer marketing agency.

After hearing the business opportunity and marketing plan, Dennis identify that BE International is a Blue Ocean Opportunity and immediately put his plans into action to share with all his family, friends, ex-students, business friends etc.

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