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Introducing Swatch BIG BOLD SPECTRUM

Sounds, colors, pace. Life in cities never stops, no matter what time of the day. The metropolitan vibrations are fascinating, overwhelming, exciting. There is no time for a break, and when the sun goes down, the spotlight goes on and the stage is set: For you. It makes you want to keep running and exploring until the sun rises again.

Swatch’s latest BIG BOLD SPECTRUM collection takes you on an adventure at the speed-of-light, exploring all the color spectrums of the city. A rugged Ø47mm semi-transparent matte black case is held by black translucent silicone straps and proudly unveils the entirely exposed quartz movement. The brand’s unique solar spectrum effect premieres below the mechanism, boasting dynamic reflections when playing with light. Brightly uni-colored hands and indices clearly divulge the message: The time is yours, and the city still leaves a lot to be conquered.

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