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Singapore – February 20, 2014 – Singapore-based company, Tea Traders Company Pte Ltd (“Tea Traders Company”), dedicated to purvey high quality teas and sole distributor of KEIKO in Singapore, launches the KEIKO line of Premium Shaded Japanese Green Teas islandwide.

KEIKO’s extensive range of traditional shaded Japanese Green Teas is organically grown in the mineral rich and fertile terroirs of Kagoshima, Southern Japan, where an active volcano still exists. It also undergoes shading and partial shading during cultivation, resembling the natural growing conditions of wild tea plants and enabling the tea plants to develop more active ingredients and complex flavours. “ I absolutely fell in love with KEIKO teas because of their supreme quality and unique aromas. There are many Japanese Green Teas out in the market, but KEIKO simply fills in the gap with its high quality and unique characteristics,” describes Kaylin Toh, CEO of Tea Traders Company.

Today, KEIKO in Singapore enters the USD $90 billion worldwide tea market, and the Singapore tea industry that has grown by 3.7 percent annually for the past three years.

Having seen the success of KEIKO from over 16 years in Europe and 7 years in North America, this introduction is definitely an added boost to Singapore, which has a growing consumer awareness for healthy, yet sophisticated products, and an increased appreciation for tea.

Globally, tea is the second-most consumed beverage besides water. Within the tea industry, green tea is one of the fastest growing segments due to its wealth of health benefits such as its ability to fight cancer cells, reduce cholesterol, slow down ageing and help in weight loss. The body of research surrounding green tea and its active components continues to grow. Antioxidants, including polyphenols and the key ingredient EGCG that is found in higher quantities in green tea, are just a few of the components making their way into the news concerning green tea.

According to the World Health Organisation, by 2015, the overweight population is expected to cross 1.5 billion. This and soaring healthcare costs, will drive the demand for green tea in the years to come, especially for natural and high quality green tea like KEIKO’s.

“As a Japanese tea Connoisseur, I simply love KEIKO gourmet and organic green teas and I have a specific one for every day, every occasion and mood ”, explains Sylvana Levesque, CEO of KEIKO Tea North America / Canada and founder of International Tea Education Institute.

“The quality and variety of green teas are comparable to fine wines. Similar to wine, the aroma, flavour complexity and quality are influenced by the growing region, soil quality, climatic conditions and even timing of harvest. These products are very rare and hence why I decided to introduce them to Singapore” explains Kaylin. “I believe that the culture around green tea will become as popular as wine in the near future.”

KEIKO teas come in the form of loose leaves, pyramid tea bags and fine powders.

KEIKO teas are available online at and exclusively at all Isetan Supermarkets.

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