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Korean Technology at Bangkok Prices: 4 things you need to know about BB Clinic

Korean Technology at Bangkok Prices: 4 things about BB Clinic in Thailand


Aesthetic services have been gaining wave and popularity in Singapore. In an increasingly materialistic world, Singaporeans are subscribing to the notion that looking good is the key to all levels of success. We want to look better, slimmer and younger in front of our friends and loved ones. Even at coffee shop talks, the main topics revolve heavily on how we can lose more weight, the clothes we wear and even perhaps our exercise regimes.   Singaporeans are already flocking to popular local aesthetic brands like Only Aesthetics, Lush Aesthetics, Prive Clinic and The Body Firm, to name a few. These clinics provide a one –stop service for customers wanting to look their absolute best from head to toe.   Lately there has also been a lot more Singaporeans traveling overseas to countries like Bangkok and Korea to have their aesthetics services performed.

One very popular Thai Aesthetic clinic amongst Singaporeans is the BB Clinic located in Bangkok Thailand. They have been helping clients from across the globe unlock their inner beauty and discover confidence through a combination of cosmetic plastic surgery, non-surgical procedures and skin treatments.

TIM brings you four things you need to know about BB Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand.



1) BB Clinic uses Korean Technology at friendly Bangkok Prices

We all know Korea has been the asian country of choice for Aesthetic services.

If you have travelled to Korea, you will notice that aesthetics advertisements are found everywhere. It’s like selling fast food. Everyone is so accustomed to the aesthetic treatments and it’s a way of life. One would expect state-of-the-art technology and equipments from these Korean providers and over at BB Clinic, the company offers equivalent Korean standards as the equipments were imported from Korea and USA. In fact the prices are also cheaper in Bangkok as the business operating costs are lesser. What you are getting is really state-of-the-art Korean Technology at friendly Bangkok prices. Awesome right?

2) BB Clinic seeks to achieve natural looking results based on comprehensive consultation with customers

We all remember the social media viral news reporting about Hong Kong actress Fanny Sieh who had a botched cosmetic surgery. Everyone was shocked to see her distorted face with a pointy chin and anime-looking eyes. It was also said that it was a result of extensive plastic surgery procedures. The key to any cosmetic surgery is that the outcomes must look natural and authentic. No one wants to be tagged with the perception that the cosmetic surgery was a failure especially if we have to face people all the time. It will be a depressing state to be in. At BB Clinic, they seek to achieve natural looking results based on a comprehensive consultation with their customers.




3) BB Clinic has a high recurring customer pool from Singapore

We all know it is much more costly to acquire new customers than to retain old customers. At BB Clinic, their team of highly skilled, experienced and caring doctors and surgeons are wholly committed to providing international standards of cosmetic surgery and treatments in a safe and modern environment.   In fact their facilities and skills far exceed those of many clinics and doctors found in Europe, Australia or the USA. We heard that there is a high recurring pool of customers from Singapore who are loyal fans for BB Clinic Thailand. If there’s a queue, it means the brand must be good, right?

4) BB Clinic respects individual customer’s privacy requirement

At BB clinic, their patients come first and foremost. BB Clinic believes every individual is different and needs vary. Customers’ privacy is an area which they uphold very closely. All their customers’ details and records are kept in absolute privacy and control. You wouldn’t want to hear doctors and practitioners gossiping and commenting about a patient who has just gone through a cosmetic surgery. Awkward right? At BB Clinic, you would definitely not hear of such incidents happening.

When you choose a clinic in which to have a beauty treatment, it can be hard to know what to look for. BB Clinic understands that different people have different treatments for varying reasons. In their chic and modern surroundings, BB Clinic uses cutting edge technology to help their customers boost their confidence and unlock their beauty so they can face the world always, with a smile.

To find out more, do check out their digital sites:




Written by Dennis Toh

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