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Launch of RISIS Monkey Collection 2016

Launch of RISIS Monkey Collection 2016

A few days ago, I was invited to attend the impressive launch of the special Monkey Collection 2016 by RISIS.


RISIS started the launch by tracing back to its origin. Do you know that RISIS was started as far back as 1976? Its first successful collection was the plating of natural orchids in the finest 24k gold and palladium. The founder’s dream was to immortalize natural orchids in pure gold, forming a Singaporean icon. This definitely requires meticulous and skillful craftsman.

Since then, it has expanded its collection to creating many quality pieces. In celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year that falls in the monkey year, RISIS launched the Monkey Zodiac Collection 2016.

Just like how the director of RISIS introduced the collection, I would be introducing to you the five sculptures named Forest, Dawn, Serenity, Vitality, Optimism, Influence and Prudence. Each of these sculptures has their own unique meanings.


Forest, Dawn and Serenity are the limited pieces of the collection. They featured a monkey sitting on different-coloured (Green, Amber and White) Liu Li Mountain. The Liu Li Mountain has the four seasons carved on them.


Forest and Dawn (Limited Edition) $5,900

Forest and Dawn is about a monkey holding a polished apple in hand, which sounds like peace in mandarin, representing harmony and calm in the new year. Each of them is limited to 99 numbered pieces worldwide.

Serenity $11,800

Serenity has a monkey holding a pure silver lotus with sapphires, which represent purity, growth and a profound transformation from within. Each of them is limited to 3 pieces worldwide.

SERENITY_Limited Edition_$11,800

The collection also consists of other smaller pieces that also have similarly auspicious meanings.

Vitality $988

The monkey sits on a pair of mandarin oranges and a chestnut in an antique copper finish. This symbols the bringing of great fortune and abundance. The Chinese character “大利” is beautifully engraved on the chestnut, done in the style of renowned Tang calligrapher Huai Su as a tribute to the iconic cursive script that evokes the poeticism of Chinese art.


Optimism $498

This energetic, hopeful and full of potential piece perfectly captures the bounties of youth, sprouting a symbol of a new life full of potential and possibilities. This is a perfect gift to wish a loved one or business associate a lifetime of growth, prosperity and limitless opportunities.


Influence $148

The monkey stretches out its arms to seize every opportunity to move closer to achieving its goals of attaining wealth and success. This can doubles up as an exquisite name card holder and a charming paperweight, serving as a perfect addition to one’s home or office.


Prudence $128

With one hand clasping a money bag and ingot, the Prudence Monkey works towards turning its richest dreams into reality through its boundless energy and bright intellect.


All of the monkey sculptures are handcrafted and made in-house. Each of the sculpture is made up of high quality materials – they are plated in the finest 24k gold and palladium. As each of the sculpture has its own special meaning as introduced, you can definitely find one that suits your family, friends or business associates to wish them luck.

The launch ended off with the demonstration of calligraphy by a calligraphy expert and we were able to try out the Chinese art of calligraphy with the guidance of the calligraphy expert.

The Monkey Zodiac Collection was launched with great understanding of the Chinese traditions and culture and is a beautiful piece to fill one’s home or office with positive vibes.

Writer: Lim Jia Hwee | Instagram: Jiaarainbow

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