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Ryan dreams a Dream

Quirky, direct and creative. These are the traits you will use to describe Ryan, the brainchild behind online Lifestyle site Dream A Dream Shop.

Driven by a passion, Ryan was determined to see his vision tranformed into a reality. He has often been intrigued by indie and ‘off the beaten track’ brands and styles and having traveled extensively overseas as a flight steward, Ryan had always wanted to start his own lifestyle label. With persistence and lots of hard work, A quirky multi-concept online store was finally established in early 2013.

Creativity, originality & functionality are the 3 elements used when Ryan conceptualises & curates his products. When asked about his product ideas, Ryan said he is always on the look out for great ideas & designs that may inspire modern day living for the discerning urban dwelling folks. ‘It could be a mug, a notebook, a…anything you can think of’, he said.  And the more quirky it is, the more it excites him.

The current range of products carried by Dream a Dream Shop include bags, pens, mugs, underwears, tees, leggings, facial & body cleansers, and serum.

TIM Speaks to Ryan Ling, 33 to find out more about this creative chap.


Bags with quirky designs by Dream A Dream


Ryan Ling

1) Ryan, could you share with us more about yourself?

I am a typical Gemini. My mind & body cannot keep still. I have a short attention span & multi-tasks WAY too much. I appreciate all things beautiful & creative regardless of brand or price.

In Short, Jack of all trades, Master of none.

2) What is the inspiration behind

I had a dream… I dreamt I was the next fashion style icon.. Kidding lah.

It came from an initial random thought/concept to becoming an actual product where u can look & touch & admire. I find the process extremely fulfilling & gratifying. It’s a bonus if they can sell like hot cakes!

3) Tell us more about the products you carry on your online store ?

It’s like a pasar malam / treasure hunt chest where you can uncover quirky & statement pieces of “treasure”.

But the brand is mainly categorised according to:Fashion, lifestyle & skincare.

They are generally products not meant for the faint hearted. You need to be able to appreciate their quirky beauty. ‘WINK’

I am a firm believer in letting the products ( esp the skincare range) do the talking. If it’s good. It’s good. You don’t need to hard sell.

If you are observant enough.. The shop ranges kinda reflects my colourful personality… There’s something “dark” & there’s “bright”  items too.



Dream a Dream Facial & Body cleanser / The Super serum 

Credit: Ryan Ling & Wilsurn

4) The online e-commerce industry is said to be highly competitive with new sites entering into the market constantly. How would you set yourself apart from your competitors?

Sticking mainly to my gut feel n instinct ( which is not always good). We tend to go opposite directions unintentionally most of the time.

5) Finish this sentence…..Online Shopping is…

Like a pandora box. You get nice experiences if you hit bulls eye but you also get bad experiences if you a bobo shooter.

6) If you have only $100 left to spend, how would you spend it?

Buy something unique, beautiful & well-made & sell it for $200

7) How would you spend your typical weekend?

My typical weekend includes nothing that’s typical. 😉




Thought-provoking tees to make a difference

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