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Saveur serves up new flavour for The Hundred-Foot Journey


Saveur is becoming a widely-known restaurant and for the good reasons. Serving up delicate French cuisines at an affordable price, the simple setting of the restaurant sets others apart and is becoming a hotspot for many young adults that value good food at good prices. In anticipation of The Hundred-Foot Journey, a film that abounds flavours of the Indian and French cuisine, what’s a better way than to introduce special dishes in conjunction with the film?

Saveur serves up a special promotion of a three-course meal: Seafood Bouillabaisse, Lamb Shoulder OR Duck Confit and Tarte Au Citron, comfortably priced at S$36.90++.

A reasonable three-course meal by Saveur, the promotion runs from now till 14 September 2014.

Seafood Bouillabaisse will be a hit among those who like extremely flavourful and thick broth, made from lobster and fish. The soup is a little powdery, a texture that came from the blending of the fish in the broth. Some may find the fish in the bouillabaisse a little dry from the searing.

For the mains, you have a choice of Lamb Shoulder or the Duck Confit.

Lamb Shoulder is marinated with “curry de madras”. The marrying of the flavours can be quite acquired to some. The braised lamb shoulder, braised for hours, is soft to the bite. Served along the coco bean cassoulet, the beans are cooked to give a crunchy texture, which contrasts the texture of the soft lamb shoulder.

For those who do not fancy lamb, you have the choice to switch it up to Duck Confit, one of the signatures at Saveur. Crispy skin with tender duck thigh meat, the duck confit is reasonably priced for the quality. The duck confit is served along with truffle mash-potato, elevated from the normal Duck Confit in the menu.

Tarte Au Citron is the dessert, and as fanciful as it sounds and looks, it is just a deconstructed lemon tart. The citrus tuille is very well-done; crispy and flavourful that you wished there were more in the dessert. The lemon curd is fresh and together with the sweet vanilla mousseline, it makes a great pairing.

About the film


Directed by Lasse Hallstrom and produced by Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey and Juliet Blake, The Hundred-Foot Journey is a film based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Richard C Morais. Hassan Kadam is a culinary ingénue blessed with the gift as a chef. Displaced from their native India, the Kadamn family finds resettlement in the quaint village of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val in the south of France. The Kadam family clashes with Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren), proprietress of a celebrated French restaurant just hundred feet away, after they open their own nearby Indian eatery, until undeniable chemistry causes the Madame to take gifted young chef Hassan under her wing. The film speaks of love, passion and triumph across boundaries.

The film opens in cinemas on 28 August 2014. Writer: Leong Chee Sheng Photos:

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