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Savour a Lipton Moment with George Young: 16 Unique Cocktail & Mocktail Recipes to Experiment Wi


Eight of Lipton’s 16 unique cocktails and mocktails

In collaboration with British raised actor and presenter George Young and The Cufflink Club, Lipton brought alive 16 unique cocktails and mocktails recipes with a variety of Lipton tea to inspire consumers to experiment different ways to appreciate tea. These recipes aim to give a new twist to tea drinking by turning hot tea into exciting and uplifting cold beverages which are perfect for any day or occasion. With a great variety of 16 recipes, you are bound to find one that best suits your taste!

A Twist to a Classic The 16 cocktail and cocktail recipes feature a wide variety of Lipton tea from its signature Yellow Label Tea and Pyramid Tea rang. Fans of George Young might want to take note that his signature creations include the sweet and irresistible Maple Twist, refreshingly delicious Mo-Tea-To (what a dorky name!) and the tropical Fruitea Red Crush that is absolutely perfect for Singapore’s tropical weather.

George Young

George Young

FLY Entertainment artiste George Young is a half Chinese, half Greek actor and presenter. Growing up in Britain, drinking tea became second nature for George, who always had tea around in this house. He has since taken his love for tea leaves across the globe to Singapore, as he often starts his day with the Classic English Breakfast tea, has a Green Tea between takes and a hot Earl Grey whenever it is available.

George is also a self-proclaimed fan of experimentation in the kitchen. He mentioned that this collaboration with Lipton and The Cufflink Club to create cocktails and mocktails with Lipton tea has woken him up to the possibilities of combining Lipton tea’s cornucopia of flavours with fresh ingredients, which allows him to concoct wonderful and creative new drinks for all his loved ones.


George Young & Joel Fraser, Mixologist & owner of The Cufflink Club

“We want to showcase the versatility of tea and we are thrilled to work with George Young and The Cufflink Club to create these recipes. Lipton is always looking at creating moments through our tea and we hope these cocktails and mocktails will inspire tea drinkers to create these moments whilst trying these recipes with family and friends,” said Miss Susanne Arfelt Rajamand, Marketing Manager, Unilever Singapore.

The process in creating these drinks was uninteresting one for avid tea drinker George Young, who like most of us, had no prior experience as a mixologist. Together with The Cufflink Club, George created his 3 signature drinks over a period of two months.


Lipton ‘Dark Passions’ – Cocktail with Lipton Passion Raspberry Tea

Innovation with more than 100 years of tea heritage With a heritage that dates back more than 100 years, Lipton offers an array of tea-based drinks, from leaf tea to tea bags, today. The classic Lipton Yellow Label Tea, made of the finest blends from Ceylon and Kenya, is synonymous for that unique consistent tea taste and signature aroma.

Although proud of their rich heritage, Lipton is certainly not afraid to innovate. Lipton’s experts broke teabag tradition to come up with the Lipton Pyramid tea bag which allow stew leaves more room to move and infuse for a better brew. Each pyramid tea bag contains whole tea leaves handpicked form top two leaves and a bud of the tea plant, flowers, herbs, or real fruit pieces and blended to ensure the delicate balance of tea and flavour. The pyramid-shaped the a bag allows optimum room for infusion, liberating the best aroma, colour and taste for the tea drinker.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 3.53.57 pm

Guests having their chance at mixing their very own cocktails with Lipton Tea and its unique new recipes.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 3.54.33 pm

A very sweet and considerate ‘manmade’ sheltered walk way. Thank you Lipton!

“Tea is a wonderfully exciting drink that is also very flexible and compatible. Lipton has a wide variety of teas that have a signature aroma and taste and we’ve leveraged these strengths to jazz up the experience and bring it to the next level by creating exciting drinks for any meal and social occasions,” said Joel Fraser, Owner and mixologist of The Cufflink Club, renowned for experimenting with unique ingredients and flavours to create distinctive and great-tasting drinks.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 3.53.16 pm

Team TIN!

It was a rainy afternoon, but undoubtedly still a lovely one spent learning, mixing and drinking these awesome and original cocktails and mocktails made from the freshest ingredients and of course, the signature aromatic teas by Lipton. Who knew what we thought we were familiar with could be used to whip up something so refreshing and exciting? Whether it is a cup of classic warm tea or a glass of fruity cold beverage, every moment shared together will surely be one of the best Lipton Moments. Thank you Lipton for opening up these possibili-teas to us! They taste almost like magic.

For more information on Lipton and its 16 new unique cocktail and mocktail recipes, do visit or Lipton Singapore on Facebook (

The Lipton Yellow Label range and Lipton Pyramid Tea range are available at all major super markets and are priced from S$5.85 (per box of 100 tea bags) and S$4.95 (per box of 20 tea bags) respectively.

Writer: Liu Zhiying

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