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[SeoulGood Korea] Kyochon: Probably the best Fried Chicken in Korea

Some of you would have known that I am currently now in Korea for a 10 Day tour around Seoul. This trip was meant to be a free and easy one with key focus on food, shopping, cafe hopping and sight seeing. Well what else can we do in Korea right? During the last few days, I have had my fair share of delicious food; KimChi Stew, BiBimbap, Ginseng Chicken, Pancakes, you name it.

Tonight, I am sharing one of the best delicacies which caught my taste bud so far; I ate twice in fact during my stay here. And truly, I have to say that this place serves one of the best Fried Chicken in Korea.

Yes! Its Kyochon Chicken I am recommending.

Kyochon Chicken is one of the largest restaurants that specialized in Korean Fried Chicken. They opened their first store in year 1991 and they managed to expand their business and opened 150 stores within 8 years in year 1999, and they opened branches in the USA and China in year 2007. With so many years of history, one will certainly expect that their Fried chicken must be prepared and served with quality and great standards.

And they stayed true to their promises. I had one of the most enjoyable dinners at Kyochon Chicken.

Trust me, you have to check out this brand during your next trip to Korea. And since they have more than 150 stores, I am recommending two popular stores which I have visited. Here’s some photos and details for you.

Gangnam Outlet:

photo 1-2

photo 2-2


Address: Nonhyeon-dong 143-11, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Tel: 02-540-2182

For those who have tried 4 fingers in Singapore, I must say the taste is pretty similar. The only difference is on the juiciness of the wings. I particularly like the Original Soy Sauce fried Chicken. The texture and taste was superb.  The spicy flavour was not too bad as well.

Damage: 15000 won for a plate ( 24 pieces of Chicken wings or Drumlettes)

Gangnam branch is situated in the middle of Gangnam (강남) Station and Sinnonhyeon (신논현) Station.

Direction: Exit2 of Nonyeong Stn. -> 130m walk to 강남약국(Gangnam Pharmacy) -> Go into the alley and 50m walk to GS25 -> Turn right and 40m walk

Hongdae Outlet:

photo 3-4

photo 2-3

photo 1-3

Address: 362-15, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Though they are under the same brand, it taste a little different from the Gangnam outlet. It is difficult to describe the difference in taste but would recommend you check out the Gangnam outlet. I guess the Soy taste wasn’t as strong as compared to the Gangnam outlet. I would have hoped that the taste from these two outlets be more consistent. Nonetheless the food was still delicious and enjoyable.

Damge: 15,000 Won for a plate  ( 24 pieces of Chicken wings and drumlettes).

Direction: If you’re coming from Hongdik Uni station, take exit 9. Or if you’re coming from Sangsu Station take exit 1 or 2. Kyochon is near Hongdae playground.

Do check out their official website for more information:

Stay tuned for more posts about Korea.

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Dennis Toh, Editor

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