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SG50 Songs You Should Check Out

There should be a research paper on the effects of SG50 in Singapore. Businesses in Singapore are all hopping onto the bandwagon of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee as part of their marketing and promotion strategy. Our local music industry seems to be getting on the trend as well. After a quiet year in 2014 that somewhat broke the tradition of having no official National Day theme song, we are looking at Singapore’s 50th birthday as the year with the most National Day song entries/tributes to our prosperous nation. We pick 6 of our favourites from the long list.

These are the Days

“Now what we only dreamed is what we live.”

The winning entry to the song-writing competition organized by MediaCorp is These are the Days. Gracing some amazing vocals from Farisha Ishak, the winner of The Final One; this is perhaps one of the better official National Day songs that were released in recent years, with a tinge of sadness to the song reminiscent of the iconic Home.

Our Singapore

“Now we only have to look towards tomorrow, to carry on the dream as far as it will go.”

Composed by Dick Lee and featuring 2 versions of vocals – one helmed by Singapore’s mandopop prince, JJ Lin, and the other by Dick Lee himself, the bouncy tunes of Our Singapore will keep us tapping to our feet, and echoing to the catchy hook. It will perhaps turn this rather sombre SG50 into a light-hearted one.


“After all this time, you’ve been on my mind”

Jointly written by Charlie Lim and Corrinne May, Kite gives a different perspective to the traditional national day songs. Nothing about building the nation, nothing about the Singapore dream – Kite is an emotional song that draws experiences of Singaporeans living overseas; either by circumstance or by choice. The string arrangement is set some emotions whirling. This song can be downloaded here.


“Terbang |飞翔”

A unique composition comes Starlight by Sezairi and Joanna Dong, a song that builds on our multiculturalism. The song carries pop vibes, and shuttles between Mandarin and Melayu, both with the common theme of scaling greater heights. It is also one of the (I swear) cutest music videos from the local music fare! This song can be downloaded here.

Waves of Tomorrow

“Ride on this tide, we’ll fly side by side on the waves of tomorrow”

Waves of Tomorrow is an acoustic pop-sounding gem from the 21 year-old musician Jude Young. The chorus of this Singapore’s 50th birthday tribute grows on you after multiple listens. A small song, but it possesses a quiet grandeur to it.

Sixty Five

“For all we love will always be enough.”

Gentle Bones has come a long way from Until We Die, now having signed to Universal Music and having his own VEVO channel on YouTube. Composed for the much anticipated 1965, a film of Singapore in the year of Independence, Sixty Five is an intense song builds up to a beating chorus. The single can be downloaded here.

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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