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Singapore’s Art Scene Featured In New Show, Art and Design

Fashion One, the premier global fashion, entertainment and lifestyle broadcaster, in collaboration with a[n]d Productions, showcases the Asia’s contemporary art hub, Singapore, in the brand new series, Art and Design. Explore the flagship cultural event in the region, Art Stage Singapore with its founder, Lorenzo Rudolf, and head to one of the world’s first boutique design hotels with hotelier and art aficionado, Mr. Loh Lik Peng.

Art Stage Singapore

June 14 premiere

Art Stage SG Curator

From dealers, gallery curators, and art advisors to collectors and curators, art fairs are where deals are done. Art Stage Singapore is South-East Asia’s signature art fair that offers lavish visual treats of Asian contemporary arts open to the general public. It’s an assault of the senses and often takes more than one day to digest. Lorenzo Rudolf, founded Art Stage Singapore in 2010 and made it a key international event with a focus on promoting and fostering Asian art.

Loh Lik Peng

July 12 at 8:30pm (GMT+8)


How can art make a difference to a commercial establishment? We meet an art curator who works with clients to infuse art and design into their business. One such client is Singapore’s renowned hotelier and restaurateur, Mr. Loh Lik Peng, as he takes us to one of his signature Unlisted Collection. Find out how can art change the ambience of a restaurant and what do guests feel when their hotel rooms are decorated by established artists.

Art and Design is a 5-episode special feature, produced by a[n]d in collaboration with Fashion One that showcases incredible works of art and design. From sculptures to tattoos, photography to smartphone art, learn what inspires artists and designers, and the dedication they have to their craft.  With stories from all over the world, this is more than a show about art and design; this is a way of living!


Tune in for new episodes of Art and Design premiering every Sundays at 8:30pm (GMT+8), between the months of June to July, exclusively on Fashion One. Fashion One HD is available on StarHub (channel 442) in Singapore.

Discover more international artists, enthusiasts and art destinations that will widen your perspective. Be prepared to be inspired!

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