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[So you want to be a Blogger | 1 Day WorkShop ]

A 1 Day course brought to you TINCADEMY.

Have you always wanted to be an Influencer but have no clue how to get started? Or perhaps you’ve been blogging for a few years but you’ are not seeing the results or recognition you should be getting?

The TINcademy ‘So you want to be a Blogger’ series is a wildly fun, creatively smart, one-day workshop tailored to aspiring influencers and bloggers who want to break into the blogging scene in a fast and furious manner.

Everything you ever wanted to know about starting a blog, blogging strategy, personal branding, monetization, brand personality, blogging etiquettes and so much more is covered in this workshop!

We provide personalized guidance, big loads of motivation and an incredible level of inspiration for you to kickstart and sustain your blogging career.

Being a Blogger is easy. Sustaining and making a name for yourself is definitely an uphill task!


  1. Why do you want to become an Influencer?

  2. The Benefits of becoming an Influencer

  3. The Challenges you face as an Influencer

  4. How to become an Influencer?


  1. How to start a Blog?

  2. The Different types of Blogging Providers

  3. Developing an Interesting Blog Name

  4. Deciding on your Blog Themes: Lifestyle, Food, Fashion, Beauty, Niche Areas.

  5. Blogging Layout Essentials

  6. Preparing a Namecard for yourself.

  7. Why your blog must be mobile-friendly?


  1. How do I market my Blog to the various stakeholders?

  2. What are the Social Media Tools available to promote my Blog?

  3. How do I get into the media List of PR Companies?

  4. How do I win awards for my Blog?

  5. What are some other ways to Market my Blog?


  1. Essentials to prepare before attending an event

  2. Tips when attending events

  3. How do I Network with Fellow bloggers when attending events?

  4. How do I leave an impression when I attend events

  5. How do I use my Social Media assets to my advantage when attending events

  6. How long do I have to post my after-event after the event so that I will get more invites from that specific PR company next time?


  1. How should I cover a story?

  2. What is a Press Release, Press Invite & Press Kit

  3. The 5 Ws and 1H of Journalism

  4. The different styles of presenting my story

  5. How to find inspiration by curating viral contents?


  1. What kind of cameras should I invest?

  2. What are some Photography peripherals I should Invest in?

  3. How do I take beautiful photos when I attend Events

  4. What kind of photos should I take during events?

  5. Photography basic rules.

  6. 4A’s (Attitude, Atmosphere, Angle & Awe) rules to remember when you’re taking photos, “Enhancing your blog and Instagram by taking OOTDs and event coverage.


  1. How do I get sponsored for Products and services?

  2. What should I look out for in a Sponsorship?

  3. How do I approach my sponsored Post?

  4. How do I add value to my sponsored Post?


  1. How do I monetize my blog?

  2. The various methods to earn money from Blogging.

  3. How Do I negotiate for a  paid Advertorial from PR Companies and Direct Clients?

  4. How do I manage the sales process when a deal is striked?

  5. How do I ensure that my client is satisfied with my work?


  1. How should I juggle my blogging lifestyle with personal lifestyle?

  2. How should I manage my Blogging Schedules and backlogs?

  3. How do I manage negativity from readers or fellow bloggers?

  4. How do I foster strong friendships with fellow bloggers?

  5. How to feel expensive as a influencer when you’re in public.


  1. Advertorials vs Sponsored Posts

  2. How do I approach a post if the product or service was a negative experience?

  3. Sharing Stats with PR and Blogging Companies.

  4. Buying Likes and Followers

  5. Bitching and Gossiping about the Industry and Peers

Details of ‘So you want to be a Blogger’

Date: 16 Dec 2015

Time: 9-6 Pm

Venue: 195 Pearl Hill Terrace, #01-11 ( Nearest MRT: Chinatown)

About the Trainers

Dennis Toh, William Tan and Gerald Png

The three trainers have very distinct personalities and an entirely different approach to each of their online identities, which gives a savvy, holistic, insider’s view of exactly what it takes to thrive online…

Dennis Toh is an entrepreneur who has used digital & Social media platforms to brand his businesses and has helped more than 50 brands and clients market themselves in the online sphere. He holds a Master of Mass Communications Degree from NTU, Wee Kim Wee School of Communications and Information.  He has taught 4 years in Temasek Polytechnic, Diploma in Marketing programme and is currently a University Associate with Curtin Singapore, University.  He is a media personality who emcees, models and acts in the local entertainment scene. He is also the editor of and

William Tan is one of the top male Influencer in Singapore.. As a lifestyle blogger who blogs at, he is one of the most hardworking and effective male bloggers in Singapore. He gets invited to almost any other major media events in Singapore and he adds value to his readers and clients by curating interesting and out-of-the box blog posts. William is also known to be a blogger who is able to produce bottom line results for his clients. William won 3 times in a row, the Real Singapore Hero Blogger Social Media Crusade selling 2,531 pizzas for Domino’s Singapore. He has also won awards like the F&N Best Blogger 2014, Best Blogger for Prizle, Safra Best Lifestyle Blogger, among others.  His blog forte is on lifestyle, food & travel.

Being a vintage and hipster lover, Gerald Png, who blogs at is a lifestyle blogger who loves food, travel, tech, fashion and nature.  As the first runner up of Teenage Gorgeous You 2015, he is the fastest rising youth male blogger who keeps upgrading and polishing himself by the minute.


After the event, the community remains. Regular, real-life meet-ups, a thriving forum and access to constantly updated resources are all at your glittery fingertips. The TINCADEMY may end in one day, but the relationships you’ve formed can (and will) last a lifetime.

Your record will stay with The Influencer Network and You will be automatically upgraded into our preferred pool of Bloggers and Influencers which we will engage for our future projects, invites and engagements.

All these, with a small fee of:

Fee: SGD 149 (Includes Lunch)

Why wait, Register your interest now at


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

The minimum age to attend this seminar is 14 years old.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

The nearest MRT to the training venue is Chinatown MRT Station.

What can/can’t I bring to the event?

You should bring a laptop and a camera if possible.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You can email if you have further questions.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

The ticket and registration is not transferable once you have made your confirmation.

What other value adds can I expect from attending this course?

A complimentary Foot Massage Session worth $38 will be given to all attendees to review the service. All attendees will also be given a complimentary photoshoot of up to 10 images each. These photos can be used for your own publicity purposes. Attendees will be kept under our prefered list of bloggers for future engagements and assignments.

Sign up by clicking on the link below:

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