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Superman as Super Cyber Villain?

As comic fans prepare for the upcoming Comic Con, the premier comic book and popoular arts style convention convention in the world, today McAfee releases its second annual 2014 Most Toxic Superheroes list with Superman emerging at number 1. This is a couple of weeks after Warner Bros. shared the first image of actor Henry Cavill suited as the Man of Steel for the much-anticipated Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice film.

This research is based on which superheroes are kryptonite on the web and result in bad links, including viruses, malware and sites laden with malicious software designed to steal passwords and personal information.

With the excitement for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice film and the many films released in the past few years, it’s no surprise that these superheroes top the list.

The top 15 villainous superheroes for online surfers this year are:

[Infographic] Most Toxic Superheroes 2014

Tips to Stay Protected:

  1. Be suspicious: If a search turns up a link to free content or too-good-to-be-true offers, be wary

  2. Beware: Of content that prompts you to download anything before providing you with content. You may want to opt to watch streaming videos or download content from an established site.

  3. Free downloads: Are significantly the highest virus-prone search terms. Anyone searching for videos or files to download should be careful as not to unleash malware on their computer.

  4. Double-check the web address: Look for misspellings or other clues that the site you are going to may not be safe.

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