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The Kings of Blogging in Singapore

The Kings of Blogging 

Engagement of bloggers has been integral to the success of all marketing and public relations campaigns. Bloggers are important word of mouth advocates for your brand or organisation. Bloggers, if engaged correctly, can make or break a brand. Think Xiaxue and you will know what i mean. She has the capability to destroy a brand and also the influence to get her followers to like a brand or personality. Bloggers, more often than not, can affect and sway public opinions based on their blog entries and sides they take.

The art of blogging has been said to be a difficult one. Bloggers need to spend time & effort attending events, studying press releases, taking photos and building readership with their readers. It’s not easy. I salute the amount of time, energy and effort spent into putting up the final blog entry.

The bloggersphere, if you like, has been dominated by females, largely because of the natural appeal they get from their blogs; from colourful blog templates, stylish clothes, bombastic words and cute ornaments or accessories used to doll up their blog.

The male bloggers, on the other hand, have been largely neglected simply because they do not wear a skirt.

Can a male blogger be as popular as a female one like Xiaxue, Bong Qiu Qiu, Dawn Yang, Peggy Heng, etc?

Let’s not even talk about Steven Lim who is largely infamous for his online antics. Perhaps the most popular male blogger in Singapore is Mr Brown, who is largely a current affairs and political blogger. Still, Mr Brown doesn’t come across as someone who has the flair and huge personality to attract you religiously to his blog.

The purpose of this blog entry is to highlight 5 interesting male bloggers which Marketers or PR folks can engage. They are influential and colourful in my opinion. And I thought it will be great to highlight them for your reference.

Blogger 1: William Tan

William is one of the most hardworking and social media savvy blogger I have known. He attends almost every function and adds value to his blog entries by giving additional information relevant to his audience. He is also always ready to help should you need to get additional bloggers for your event, and more importantly, does it with a smile on his face. He is likeable and popular amongst his peers and he is the man behind the Kiehl’s boy club. Some brands which he has helped to endorsed are Kiehl, Kaplan, Kit Kat, Pizza Hut, Tiger Beer and the list goes on.

His forte is on lifestyle, food, travel and anything under the sun. A blogger who is always willing to help. Email contact:

Blogger 2: Aspirant SG

This up & coming digital star is paving waves into the social media influencers market in a fast and furious way. As a day time Marketing professional, Aspirant ( not his real name) spent his time strategizing marketing strategies for his company & products he sells. At night, he turns into a social media expert, tweeting, facebooking and instagraming on topics like food, travel and all things digital. The inside story to his success was a 3 day course he attended, where he learnt the ropes of social engagement from an established practitioner. Till date, His twitter account speaks of 16,645 followers with a Klout score of 62. His followers on twitter is increasing on a furious rate, mind you.

His focus is largely on food, travel and social media. If you have a food tasting event or an opening of a store, do send him an invite as I am sure he will be more than willing to help, and to bring the news to his international audience.

Email contact:

Blogger 3: Yutakis James

Who doesn’t know this Jap pop star looking blogger in Singapore? Everyone knows Yutakis. Yutakis has been associated with glitz and glamour in the high fashion industry. His photo blog is very much focused on his portraits and the clothes he model for.  He started blogging in 2007 when he entered Polytechnic and since then, he blogs heavily on relationship dramas, friendship conflicts, endless wasted clubbing nights, different types of cuisines, blog wars, Britney Spears and yeah of course, pictures of himself. He has the capability of getting attention for himself and also the friends around him.

I have personally tried inviting him to some PR events but Yutakis is very selective over the type of events he attends. Hence, if you need help from him, do try to add him on facebook or even contact him via email or whatsapp. He might respond if he is keen.

Email him

Blogger 4: Alvinology

Alvin is definitely not the hottest in the looks category. In fact, if you meet him in person, he looks like a serious no nonsense IT geek. This quiet unassuming blogger is currently in Sydney attending a Flyscoot sponsored trip and above picture was a latest post on facebook by him. His focus is on food, gears and gadgets and ocassionally on family and current affairs. He is definitely a very influential blogger, partly because of his unique position in SPH Omy. He is the manager in charge of the SPH Omy division, which essentially deals with Blogger Engagement campaigns and contests for companies.  If you are representing a NGO, with a cause to promote or products targeting men or families, perhaps Alvin could be one important blogger to target. One last thing, he also holds very strong views regarding the local politics in Singapore.

Email him at:

Darren Ng lives life to the fullest and is constantly traveling. He was the winner for the Urban homme challenge in 2010 and many other traveling related blogging contests. He is into photography and has won the Panasonic ECO Best Photography Blog as a finalist and the winner of Best Lifestyle Blog in 2010.  If you are representing a lifestyle or men brand, he is the perfect blogger for you.

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