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The Latest Movies by Clover Films Aren’t Simply Black and White

When I mention black and white, what do you think of? I think of chess pieces, of good versus evil. Yet the plots aren’t so straightforward with the latest series of movies acquired by Clover Films.


1) Black & White: The Dawn of Justice

In the movie Black & White: The Dawn of Justice, Wu Ying-Xiong and Chen Zhen are detectives who compliment each other. One has brawns and the other has brains. They are like two different chess pieces. Perhaps Wu can be viewed as the horse and Chen as the bishop, each handsome and talented in his own way. They work together to solve a series of bombing incidents which reveal a sinister force at work (kind of like the opponent’s King and his pawns). Not only is the plot expected to be an interesting one, the interaction between the two detectives are also going to be full of entertainment, so just watch the trailer below.

2) Haemoo

Haemoo is a story of a group of fishermen based on true events. While they may seem the ordinary fishermen who are out to earn their keep, they hide a dark secret. They smuggle illegal migrants. As the naïve and youngest crew member, Dong-Shik (Park Yoochun) begins working on the ship and events start to unfold, will he be the white chess piece that we expect him to be? What will be the fate of this group of fishermen? Catch the screening of Haemoo in cinemas on 16th October.

HAEMOO_Key Still (10)

3) Kungfu Jungle

Kungfu Jungle starring Donnie Yen will be screening in cinemas on 30th October. If you are a fan of his, this is a must watch as he wows the audience with his swift moves and powerful blows. Currently in prison for killing a man by accident, now he has a chance to redeem himself and get back his freedom in exchange for helping the police, or so that’s what we think. It is perhaps more than meets the eye. Is he really the white chess piece that will dominate the other black chess pieces? Or is he really just another black chess piece? Catch the movie to find out the truth!

Writer: Samuel Low 

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