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The Weekend F1 Afterparty at The Podium Lounge

The annual Formula 1 (F1) event in Singapore once again awakens the lion spirit in this city. With an influx of tourists from all over the world, Singapore is privileged to host this special event situated in the heart of the city. One of the many highlights of the Singapore Grand Prix is the fact that racers are racing exclusively in the city. With Lewis Hamilton in the lead, Nico Rosberg is behind by a meager three points.


To commemorate and celebrate this significant moment, a weekend after party in the Podium Lounge at Ritz Carlton is thrown, lined up with vibrant events to last through the nights.


One of the main features of the after party is the Gnossem fashion show, featuring the works of local fashion designers. Making a public appearance on the runway are models from the fifth season of SupermodelMe. Known as “Sirens” for the Fifth Season, contestants include Miss Universe Singapore 2013, Brazilian-Japanese identical twins and competitor models from various Asian countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia.


Photo Credits: DIVA

Lisa S with the 12 contestants of SupermodelMe 5

Front Row (L to R): Kea, Victoria, Sharin, Rafaella, Irish, Lisa S, Gabriela, Alex, Nadia

Back Row (L to R): Jasmine, Shi (short hair), Nicole (in the grey dress), Francine (in the red dress)

Visit the following websites for more behind the scenes from this glamourous party and get to know your favorite contestants:

DIVA SupermodelMe


Writer & Photographer: Marissa Yeo Si Min

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