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The Year of the Monkey at Golden Peony, Conrad Centennial Singapore Holds Promise of Abundance and T

If you are looking for a place to host your auspicious reunion dinner with your family or a celebratory lunch with your colleagues, Golden Peony surely will not let you down. With multiple award-winning, Golden Peony headed by Executive Chinese Chef Ku Keung whips up his signature dishes with finishing touches heralding the ‘red fiery’ monkey.

This Lunar New Year, Executive Chinese Chef Ku Keung takes classic celebratory dishes to new heights with Fortune ‘Yu Sheng’ with Abalone, Hiramasa, Crispy Fish Skin and Crispy White Bait (鸿运当头)金元鲍,嘻啦玛莎,金皇鱼皮,年年有鱼捞起. Prepared using the key ingredient Hiramasa, (also known as yellowtail amberjack), this seasonal superior grade sashimi is characterized by its firm, pale pink flesh and a sweet, rich flavor.

This refreshing salad is enhanced with crispy fish skin and white bait that adds a unique textural twist to a classic dish.

Toss to a year of wealth and health with “Fortune Monkey Yusheng” that can served up to more than 30 – 40 pax which is good to cater for big families or organizations. Come enjoy a heartwarming reunion, with your loved ones and celebrate the start of an auspicious year. (*Advance reservation is required,)

Share in the jubilant feasting of Roast Suckling Pig stuffed with Hainanese Chicken Rice with family, friends and business associates. Tuck into succulent chicken meat and fragrant rice, laced in light crispy skin that guarantees a crackle with every bite. 

Savour art on a plate with Crispy Filo Swan filled with Foie Gras, Truffle and Minced Chicken. Chef Ku’s latest creation is a feast for the eyes as this delicate dish tempts with flavorful and premium ingredients in a gold-crust exterior.

Prosperityset menus for lunch and dinner are available from S$100++ to S$188++ per person; andS$998++ to S$1,888++ per table of 10 persons.

Check in-restaurant for special Lunar New Year a lacarte offerings.

For reservations, call Golden Peony at 6432 7482/88 or email


January 8 to February 7, 2016

 Mandarin Orange Kueh Lapis & Prosperous Fire CrackerSurprise

Guests too can take the Golden Peony celebration home with their selection of delectable Lunar NewYear takeaway items: from Fortune Yu Sheng, signature dishes such as Roasted Suckling Pig, Duck and Char Siew, Abalone ‘Pen Cai’or Claypot Rice with Chinese Sausage, Liver Sausage,Waxed Duck and Meat; to sweet treats of Mandarin Orange Kueh Lapis, Pineapple Tarts,’Nian Gao’.The highlight is the Prosperous Fire Cracker Cake, which has been specially handcrafted by Executive Pastry Chef Bruno Philippe. The cake is made of lady finger sponge with longan, goji berry and red dates, crispy feuilletine, and ginseng white chocolate base–all sandwiched with chrysanthemum-infused mousse to Two Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038982 | Phone+656334 8888givethat saccharine sweetness, and wrapped up in a fiery red packaging that will charm the young and the young at heart.In addition, four varieties of Yu Sheng will be available for takeaway, all made with different types of seafood, refreshing julienne vegetables such as white turnips, carrots, yam as well as accompaniments like pickled ginger and crispy white bait finished in azesty, homemade sauce.

Conrad Centennial Singapore

Two Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038982

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