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Timberland’s Fall/Winter 2015 Collections are Made for The Modern Trail

This fall, Timberland’s latest global campaign, “Made for the Modern Trail”, re-defines the outdoors, bringing it closer to the city where a new generation of adventure seekers live their lives.


“Made for the Modern Trail” celebrates the everyday adventures in spontaneity that fill the lives of people who live in today’s city environment. A journey of city streets, unpredictable weather conditions and last minute plans, Timberland provides the versatility across footwear, apparel and accessories that allows you to blaze through without worry. Wherever the day’s path may lead – through shifts in terrain, rugged days and refined nights – Timberland’s Fall 2015 collections deliver all-day versatility, outdoor performance and adaptive style for your active urban lifestyle.

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“After spending three years talking to more than 18,000 consumers across eight countries, we gained valuable insights into what the ‘outdoors’ means to today’s consumer. The traditional outdoors certainly plays a role for our consumer, but it’s also exploring the paths, neighborhoods and side streets they haven’t traveled yet, sometimes right in their own cities,” explained Jim Davey, vice president of global marketing for Timberland.


“The Modern Trail is not just a place, it’s also a movement toward the new and the excitement of the unknown. Being digitally connected, they never know what opportunity is next, so adaptability is key. The Timberland Fall 2015 collection equips modern trailblazers with the style they need when their trail is changing every day,” added Mr. Davey.



The first capsule for Timberland’s Fall/Winter 2015, the Crosstown collection is matched perfectly for Singapore’s ever changing weather and unpredictability, with flexible pieces having the dual capability to suit both rainy and sunny ends of the weather spectrum. Furthermore, with more people seeking comfort in quality while remaining fashionable, unstructured footwear and updated classics are becoming a necessary staple for both men and women. Featuring lightweight layers like cotton, canvas and seasonal leathers, the Crosstown collection allows for easy adaptations and endless outfit options to suit the various daily challenges while being perfectly on-trend and appropriate for both a casual work environment or a spontaneous day of exploration around the island.


Men’s Adventure 2.0 Cupsole Collection


Perfect for Singapore’s relatively warm climate all year round where a light sneaker always sounds like an ideal option, Timberland introduces a collection of stylish transitional Cupsole footwear collection for men and women. Crafted with fine leather and comfortable sneaker-like soles plus quality fabrics and eye-catching designs, the Cupsole footwear collection is appropriate for a less formal work environment or a leisure day in town.

Designed for the young or young at heart, the men’s Adventure 2.0 Cupsole Collection offers casual performance in a stylish, lightweight package. Offered in Chukka and Slip-on styles, the collection features premium brushed metallic leather and nubuck uppers in multiple earth tone colours that are easy to complement. Its active design offers a versatile option that is casual yet stylish enough for a fashionable life in the city.

Women’s Glastenbury Collection


For women on the go, Timberland has also brought forth a collection of Glastenbury Leather Sneakers crafted with premium brushed metallic leather with contrasting white cupsole that projects a fun and cool vibe. Available in Slip-on, Oxford, Chukka and 6-inch boot styles, the stylish transitional sneakers are a perfect complement to any casual t-shirt style and provides versatility for any unexpected adventure. Internal wedge in selected styles also gives added height with the look of a flat shoe.

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