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Tips for Back to School Students

School is resuming for some and others are beginning their first semester at universities.

Here’s what you can do to get used to a school routine.

1. Don’t sleep, find an excuse to stay up until you feel tired. That’s how school should feel like. Get into the mood yo!


2. Having difficulty deciding whether you should attend class? Fret not, just follow this chart. You can’t go wrong. Just don’t spend too much time thinking about it instead of sleeping in.


3. Now that you have decided you go to class and you want to stay awake despite not having enough sleep, find means and ways to stay awake during lessons.


4. Don’t take everything that your professor says too seriously. They might forget what they said at the start of the semester or worse, not mean any of it.


5. Got your textbooks for the modules you are studying yet? Don’t just blindly buy them from the bookshop as you are told to. Yes, you might be rich and willing to spend but ask around and you might just save a lot of money.


6. Procrastinate. Why start now? You have plenty of time later on. Starting too early will get you labeled a nerd or worse, a guai kia (a good boy)! They also say that starting right before the due date is good motivation. Truth be told, most of the introductory content will never be tested, so what’s the point of studying now?


7. School starts so? You still have a social life. Party all night! You didn’t make all those friends during FOC (Freshmen Orientation Camp) to lose them right after lessons start. Party first and study later, that’s a student’s motto.


Credits to 9GAG for the pictures.

Writer: Samuel Low

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