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Top 10 Brands and Advertising Campaigns

Advertising means should be made interesting and innovative with eye-catching visuals and creative set-up. Once you have a mind-blowing advertisement, you just have to wait for it to go viral on humor sites such as 9Gag, Tumblr among others to get popularity and fame.

Tips to an Innovative advertising brand/campaign 1) By means of substitution on various advertising space, one can create a unique look of product 2) Playing on emotions and empathy of general audiences 3) Do not be flat or one-dimensional with the presentation

The team has carefully selected Top 10 genius advertisements worldwide. Are you ready to find out which brand is our top pick?

Top 10 Advertising Brands and Campaigns


Kill Bill’s film advertising is a success by cleverly making use of the lift and the violent content of the film.


You guessed it right: this advert is mainly to showcase the flexibility of Dr Best’s new toothbrush.


Kit Kat taking advantage of its iconic look on a brown bench.


Making use of the escalator, this advert is on a new Hopi Hari roller-coaster ride in Brazil.


The Sopranos’ eye-popping ad on a NYC cab uses shock factor to grab attention.


The iconic and life-sized Hot Wheels 360 road added on a highway is a brilliant way to remember the brand for what it is known for.


Massive-scale floor poster that makes use of people to exemplify Frontline as a pet care brand.


A minimalistic but nonetheless impactful ad on the risk of using your phone while you drive is well-crafted and thought.


A job application for tattoo artist – fill in the faint QR code to assess the person’s meticulousness.


Top brand attracts the top team of advertisers and marketers. Coca Cola cut its advertising budget and donated the entire sum in aid for Philippines typhoon disaster in 2013. This move tugged the heartstrings and many resonated with the brand through the kind act. Without any physical marketing, Coca Cola pulled off a brilliant advertising campaign.

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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