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Top 5 Dragonboat teams in Singapore

Dragon boat is fast becoming a popular sport for the young and old. It is an all-encompassing sport, teaching you values of resilience, perseverance and team spirit, at the same time keeping you healthy and fit. The sport is definitely seeing a brighter future ahead, with Singapore opening up more water bodies for water-related sports, heading towards an emphasis in a sporting nation.

A common misconception is that dragon boat teams only take in the experienced paddlers. Most dragon boat teams in Singapore do not only take the experienced, but also the novice or even beginner. Dragon boat memberships are seeing an increase because of the younger and working crowd, taking advantage of the sport to keep themselves fit and to meet new  people. More often than not we see people wearing singlets on the streets in a glowing tan and paddle in hand, we can only think of dragon boat in mind. As the sport becomes more popular, TIM recommends you the top 5 Dragon team which you should know in Singapore.


Team Naga forms the team of Punggol East CSC. Made up of a bunch of dragon boat enthusiasts, they emphasize heavily on personal fitness and team building. The team was formed by a group of advertising enthusiasts but have slowly evolved into a mix of like-minded people from all walks of life. We heard they have one of the better looking boaters in the dragon boating scene. Team Naga is a perfect team if you are one to challenge yourself beyond your physical limits, and relish your victory with the medals from competitions.


PALS is an abbreviation for Paddlers Against LimitS. As the name suggests, you don’t stop until you are finished. PALSDB is perhaps best known for their war-cry “P.A.L.S 拼啊!”, which translates to striving for a common goal. The team represents Choa Chu Kang CSC and has a strongly instilled culture of team spirit through their activities in local and overseas competitions.


PLK Paddlers is part of the Paya Lebar Kovan CC Youth Group Dragonboat Team and it first started in July 2007. The team spirit is strengthened from the philosophy of the coach: without skills – achievements will be limited; without relationship – one will be lonely with no one to share joy with; without spirituality – the team will not last.


Founded in 2012, Team Trident is probably the youngest team with quite a impressive list of accolades. Part of the Ang Mo Kio-Hougang CSC, Team Trident has grown significantly in terms of strength and experience. Be ready to forge friendship over here. Team Trident has a strong social media presence, presenting itself to be of great fun and friendships.


German Dragons Singapore is an international dragon boat team founded in 1998. Be ready to forge some international friendships – German Dragons Singapore has members from all walks of life and nationality – students, expatriates, professionals. The team is extremely welcoming, so do not worry if you are a beginner. With passion and the right attitude, you’ll be on your way to become a valuable member in the team.

The links to the dragon boat teams Facebook pages are as above. Each team has a different personality but with a common goal – to use dragon boat as a galvanizing sport for team spirit and self-discovery. If you are looking to establish new friendships, pink up a new sport or just to challenge your limit, you should hop on the bandwagon and be part of the team you fancy! Photos: Respective Facebook links as above Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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