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Top 5 YouTube Channels You Should Check Out

Youngsters are becoming more tech-savvy and they possess positive attitudes to showcase their talents online. Blogs may be becoming stagnant as many are moving towards a more dynamic platform to showcase their talents. On a much more interactive ground, YouTube channels are gaining popularity and for the stars, digital fame. One of the most important factor is the use of humor – many are relatable to the Singapore context, often using slangs and informal language close to the heart. Here are the Top 6 Singaporean channels that are popular (based on subscriptions) and are still growing in numbers: 1) Wahbanana (360,679 subscribers)

With crisp editing and catchy punch-line, it is no wonder Wahbanana is getting all the fans, including my 8 years old cousin. 2) Ryan Sylvia (209,134 subscribers)

By the professional Night Owl Cinematics, the production here is top-notch. They feature funny girls as well. I love the videos because their humour are so relatable. 3) Treepotatoes (201,246 subscribers)

A cute design for your channel page is always a good thing. The videos boasts pretty actresses and good looking actors, do keep a look-out! 4) ClickNetwork (178,520 subscribers)

From Budget Barbie to Guide to Life, ClickNetwork is a comprehensive and informative channel with various videos to boost knowledge and laughs. 5) JianHao Tan (173,999 subscribers)

With an energetic and spontaneous personality, Jian Hao is becoming popular among teenagers with his boyish good looks and humor that usually pokes fun at pop culture. The Influencer TV has launched their debut video programme, Swag ME Out last Friday. This week, The Influencer Talent, Tricia, joins in the fun, airing her views on pertinent issues – you can read about it here.

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